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Can I be forgiven for multiple premarital sexual acts?

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I'm a 23 year old female. I have had multiple sexual partners and I've felt guilty each time. I believe I was just in a very lost, low place when I did this, it was a way of self destruction and I feel horrible. I constantly feel guilty and I go back and do it again.

I want to genuinely repent but I'm scared God will never forgive me because I have asked for forgiveness so many times. I know I should still ask but I feel like I'm so far astray and because I have done it so many times with multiple people that I can't be forgiven.

I genuinely do feel guilty and do want to make an effort to stop my ways. Please advise me on how to properly repent, as I don't have a lot of knowledge but I know that sex outside of marriage is a major sin. I am scared I won't be forgiven. Please advise me.



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  1. If you are sincere towards repentance then you will come back to right path and will stop Zina .
    Allah can forgive you despite grave sins if there is honest intention and efforts
    This looks odd in your case as it takes lot of time and effort to make friendship with people and commit zina with them and it also shows that you are not honest with yourself and lacks sincere efforts ..
    If some one is struggling with porn(Sin) I can still understand as its
    A available on just click of a button to fall to this filth but having sex with multiple people? It's not click of button but lot of time ,efforts and planning towards this sin ..
    Remember Allah is watching you so repent sincerely.

  2. Asalaamualaykum Sister,

    To repent, you need only to stop the behavior at all costs. It won't be easy, but "with hardship comes ease" and the greater the hardship, the greater the ease. You will be blessed by Allah on the other side of this, in ways that you can't comprehend right now. So try and be patient and do the right thing.



  3. Never underestimate Allah's mercy and willingness to forgive his servants for their sins. Your concern and angst is indicative that you do regret your indiscretions, which is a good thing. Make taubah for your sin by performing prayers to Allah asking him to forgive you. Form a closer relationship with Him through salah and fasting, as well as reading Quran. Also study your own personal needs as you may have gotten involved in sexual activity as a means to be close to someone. Women often trade sexual relations for attention and intimacy. Often women do not even understand their own importance and value which makes falling into sin easier. All of us desire the need to be loved and adored. Just take yourself and your Deen seriously, re-establishing Islamic priorities with yourself.

    The beauty of Islam is that we confess our sins only to Allah whose ability to forgive exceeds our understanding So discussing your failures with someone else is not necessary.

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