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He forced me

Assalam walaikum..

My story starts with a time when I used to not even wear hijab and my imaan was not so strong..

One guy who approached me and proposed me, I never accepted him.  But he started getting cheesy and sweeeeet to me..

I accepted.. and den he started talking about kiss n AL.. I screwed him but he managed to drag me to a state that he is able to kiss me..

I started trusting him.. and later I get to know he has cheated me being in a relationship with some other girl and having all sex talks with her.. and he had already left her when I got to know.. after all his dramas I forgave him and started trusting again..

He misused my trust.. I allowed him to kiss me but he Forced me for many other things.. even if I was not willing he used to force me telling nothing is gonna happen and all that.. but I have never had sex with him.. but I was nude in front of him.. I never allowed him to have sex..

And one fine day he left me..  by cheating on me

Now wat am I supposed to do??

I'm just broken like Never ever.

I just can't forget how he had touched my body.. how he used me.. plz help . When I told him when ur family member faces wat I faced then ul Realize wat I feel when u have used me and now with someone else..he said I'm overacting

Itseems he is going to modeling can he move on so easily when he forced me to be in a relationship with him with a the dramas and he hurt me he used me.  How has Allah made it so easy for him?

I want him to realize my pain my suffering.. every night I cry thinking about those moments he tried to get physical with me.

Plz help me forget it.  And I want him to regret and Realize..

Sadiya khan

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  1. It's a phase u will definitely pass through it. If he didn't do anything with u while u get undressed in front of him it means u must be protected by Allah miraculously . Believe me it's your good deeds or your parents good deeds it was a blessing of Allah that u r save. If he wants to use you he could do this no one can stop him Not even you but Allah. When a man and a female are alone there must be a shaytan with you. That made you to follow your instinct. U undressed yourself with your own will if he wants to do s.. with you he can do it by force. U must not be in a situation to stop him. So whatever has happened , it was just because of your lack of eman strenght. But Allah saved you means he wants you to be one to go to Allah's path. So stop denying that it was his fault. It was actually your fault but good thing is that Allah wants you to be one of his good follower . I suggest stop thinking about him Thanks Allah a lot, make your soul pure, strength your power of eman. Allah is definitely waiting for you to choose the right path . Please choose it and start your new life without regrets. Mistakes happen to learn from not to regret on. May Allah give you strength.

  2. If any man wants to kiss or have sexual relations with you before marriage, he's simply out there to use you. A God fearing person will be more interested in talking to your father for a nikkah.

    In your naivety, you made this mistake. It was half your fault too, you shouldn't have trusted him esp. when you found out that he was having sex talks with some other girl. Why did you meet him alone? I'm sorry, but you have to accept the responsibility of your own mistakes.

    Khair InshaAllah. Let this be a learning experience and a step towards a better understanding, maturity and greater iman. Forget about him, and cut off all communications i.e. block him from all channels. You must ask Allah for repentance, and make sure never to trust men who want to kiss you, have sex talk or meet you alone before marriage.

  3. as salaamu alykum sister

    May Allaah swt forgive you! In His mercy He has saved you from worse consequences than the bad memories. Repent to Him and thank Him with All Praise!

  4. It has happened already. I advise that you go closer to God by following his commands and prayers. Repent and leave everything to God. You 'll further hurt yourself thinking that you can take revenge.

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