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I touched and kissed my cousin


I am a 26-year-old unmarried guy. I have made a biggest mistake of my life. I didn't want to do this kind of thing but it happened and I can't control my self. The issue is that I kissed and touched my 17-year-old cousin. She was also ready and i took permission for my each act.

It was consensual. I didn't force her. I don't know, it just happened. Just touch and kiss no further.

After that day I never met her and she never tried to contact me.

But we met accidentally once and I told her that I am sorry. She said just forget everything.

But it's not easy to forget. I swear to GOD I don't love her. I am afraid that if my family get to know about this they will kill me. Or she can create the problem for my future.

I am scared and I ask for forgiveness to GOD.

May GOD forgive me.

I am so much scared that it's becoming difficult to live every day normal life. I feel disgusted.

I am so much ashamed. I just weep alone. 🙁

Please give any suggestion.


A stupid Muslim guy

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  1. Bro just ask for forgiveness and remember ALLAH is the most merciful.

  2. Sorry to hear this brother but you are very older than her . If you don't love her or not going to marry her . Were you just using her for the moment and that she's young taking Advantage off it . Is she your first cousin ? . Even if she didn't refuse you shouldn't be offering or doing that it's very Haram . You had teached her bad stuff and she might do it again with someone else . Apologize to her genuinely and tell her that's what she didn't deserve . Repent to Allah . The same thing has happened to me with an older guy when I was 17 but he wasn't my cousin but a guy i was talking to we separated after that

  3. salam,

    it is very important to know that this isn't right, but since you are already aware of that, I'm not going to write more blaming stuff about it.

    first, it has already happened, it is easy and natural to feel scared, but feeling scared isn't going to change the situation.
    the only thing you really can do is to improve yourself and be a better Muslim by praying the obligatory salah, giving zakat and become a better person overall, because I believe that if you really were a good Muslim to start with, you should be able to control your lust and desires.

    repent sincerely
    and apologize to your niece sincerely and make your regrets very clear, and promise her that you will never say this to anyone because while you have your fears, I believe that she has her shame and fear too.

    and make sure that something like this never happens again, learn strongly how you can control your lust and desires, why couldn't you control yourself? and how can you fix it?

    again, you can be scared of them finding this out, but being scared of possible future events, isn't going to change anything, instead of feeling scared, you should try to find solutions, and if there aren't any solutions, what will happen will happen, what will not happen will not happen, so being scared is actually just a waste of energy and time.

    allah is known for his mercifulness, so as long as you repent and never do it again, it is very likely that he will forgive you, here is an article about it.

  4. Best answer: where's the fire, friend? I did that once what u did wen i was maybe 10. Needless to say we now not really on good speaking terms. Anyway, just repent to God what u need to and move on with your life while u still young.

  5. Asalam Alakum,

    I am sure everyone here appreciates just how remorseful and regretful you feel about what you had done.

    Lust and sensual desires are such powerful emotions that they can be hard to control at times which I believe most men especially find hard to control.

    We humans do make mistakes. but the most important thing you must realise is that as long as you repent, allah is the most merciful.

    The important thing here is that you are aware of your mistake and wrongdoing, all you can do is be strong spiritually and forget about occurrence.

    Try to be a more religious and spiritual person by praying regularly, giving to charity as all this will keep your mind at piece and ease.

    Worrying about the past in not going to change anything and it will cause you to have even more low self esteem and confidence in yourself of moving on from your past mistake.

    • This was the best reply for the question

      • So....i also did wrong. And i cry because of it and feel disgusting because of it. Me (female) and my cousin(female) did naughty things (kissing) and i feel so bad. I gave into the moment of lust i felt and i don't know what to do. I talked to her and said that i am sorry and that that was a mistake and i won't do that ever again. But she didn't feel any remorse and looked forward to it.
        I need any help on how i can face Allah and also myself again.

        • Brother "Repent," you are not responsible for your cousin's tawbah or lack of tawbah, only for your own. If you turn to Allah in sincere repentance, He will forgive you. Cut yourself off from your cousin. Don't communicate with her and definitely do not be alone with her. Ask Allah's forgiveness, and stay away from any sexual contact until you get married inshaAllah.


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