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I did black magic on my cheating boyfriend

Whispers in the night

I'm a 22 year old unmarried girl. I've done many things which are unlawful in islam. I've had sex with my previous two boyfriends, and when the second one cheated on me and refused to marry me I became mentally ill. After some days I went to a person who knows black magic, and he gave me tabijs to use. I used it to get my cheating boyfriend's love, but nothing happened.

What can I do now? I want to live in peace. Please show me a way how Allah will forgive me? I'll do everything until my last breath.



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  1. AsSalaamu Alaikum,

    1- Whatever that tabijs is, you must burn it after and while reciting any safeguard surahs or Ayahs.

    2- Repent to Allah for the black magic and for the haram relationship.

    3- Regret for your sins, and then intend you won't repeat them again.

    "Say, "O My servants who have transgressed against themselves: do not despair of Allah's mercy, for Allah forgives all sins. He is indeed the Forgiver, the Clement.""

    (Quran 39: 53)

  2. Magic in all its forms is haram (impermissible) according to all divinely-revealed laws, and there is scholarly consensus that magic and learning magic are haram.

    Magic goes against that which the Messengers brought and it opposes the purpose for which the Books were revealed.

    Most of the scholars were of the view that the one who practices magic is a kafir (non-Muslim) whom the authorities are obliged to execute.

    Allah says (interpretation of the meaning):

    “Sulaymaan did not disbelieve, but the shayateen (devils) disbelieved, teaching men magic…”


    “but neither of these two (angels) taught anyone (such things) till they had said, ‘We are for trial, so disbelieve not (by learning this magic from us)’”


    This proves that magic is kufr (disbelief)

    • Are you implying that the young woman is a kafir? Be careful! She has already said that she wants to seek forgiveness from Allah. Don't you know that Allah accepts tawbah for all sins? Any Muslim, no matter the sin he committed, can make tawbah and seek forgiveness.

      Wael Editor

      • Brother Wael ,

        I am not calling her KAAFIR .We are not supposed to call any one as Kaafir .

        But I have just pasted the opinion of majority of scholars who says it is Kufr if not repented sincerely..

        Allah knows the best .

        Allah hafiz

      • I understand you take a feminist angle on most issues, but by being a female you are not by default exempt from consequences of your actions.

        Yes we all know Allah forgives if you repent "hard enough", however, what about fogiveness from the one you harmed?and their families and friends who become the secondary victims? Allah may forgive you, but will the people you harm?

        I love how you make it out that after harming a's "all good", just repent and everything is OK.

        This girl is lucky, because she can stop what was done by burning what was given to her...but who knows what the magician actually did? especially considering what she went for didnt work. the magician could have taken from her, seen an opportunity to work on a fresh soul and done all that can be done within the realm of black magic.

        Ultimately, she has to seek forgiveness from those who she harmed and from Allah, because she disobeyed His commands, and in the process potentialy caused harm to a number of people(the ex and loved ones).

        • Nonsense, kal. First of all, I am a man, not a woman. Though if it seems that I take a "feminist angle" as you said then Alhamdulillah. Islam came - among many other reasons- to establish and ensure rights for women, so in that sense Islam is a feminist faith.

          You put "all good" in quotes, but those are your words, not mine. Certainly if one human being harms another then he/she should seek that person's forgiveness, in addition to making tawbah to Allah.

          In this case, however, the man was apparently not harmed. The woman attempted some magic and it failed. So there is no need to expose the sin to others and possibly damage her reputation and risk retribution.


        • Kal,

          It seems that often Muslims dismiss that Allah calls Himself "The Most Compassionate" and "The Most Merciful" in the beginning of every chapter of the Quran (except one). If Allah's Mercy did not exist, where would that put any of us? And why do people think their little sins will be forgiven, but not the big sins of someone else? What is the point of Allah's Mercy and Compassion if humans were indeed perfect, flawless, not prone to err?

          "For you to shame your brother for a sin that he has repented from is an even GREATER sin."
          -Ibn Qayyim

          We don't know who Allah will ultimately punish on the Day of Judgment or who he will forgive. Certainly, we know what we are supposed to do and we are given, by Allah's Grace, guidance through the Holy Quran, but NO ONE actually knows 100% if they are bound to Hell or Heaven because we don't which of our sins will be forgiven and which will not. We don't know which good deeds will be accepted and which will be rejected. Period. No matter how you want to argue this, the bottom line is we just don't know.

          We worry so much about the forgiveness of others when men like Umar ibn al-Khattab said about themselves:

          If an announcer from the heavens were to announce, saying: “O people! All of you will enter paradise except one man”; I fear that he (i.e. that man) would be me.
          A Quote By
          Umar ibn al-Khattab

          So why then are we so cemented in our ways that we feel "wronged" if someone, after a major sin, may seek the forgiveness of our Almighty Creator, Allah swt?

          The irony of our eyes, myself included, that we are quick to "see" the great errors of other, but blind to the errors of ourselves.

          Allah's Justice will prevail in ways beyond our mental capacity on the Day of Judgement and He will bring about solutions that we can't think of. It is simply way too multi-dimensional.

          Finally a question for you, on the Day of Judgement, hypothetically-speaking, if someone wronged you greatly and Allah gave you the choice of having that person thrown into hell OR to enter the highest level of Jannah, tell me, what would you choose?

  3. I pray that you continue to be aware and awake regarding what has happened and that Allah grant you success over shaitaan, your nafs and all those feelings that you acted upon from the past.

    I pray that you do not repeat any of these sins again and continue to seek Allah's forgiveness.

    May you come to follow the straight path which Allah wants for all of us to follow.


  4. I strongly suggest leave the past in the past. Move on and have respect for yourself

    Repent and ask Allah's forgiveness

    Do not repeat the mistakes, inshAllah may Allah bring you back onto the correct path ameen.

  5. Stop doing black magic. Carrying a feeling in you to hurt some one hurts you emotionally as well.

  6. Salaams,

    Allah forgives anyone who asks for it, so long as they turn to Him with sincere repentence. You must intend to not repeat the sins (in this case: having boyfriends, committing sexual sins, and doing black magic) and go foward living a life that will aid in that. For example, you must remain single unless a formal proposal of marriage comes through the proper channels of your family. You must forgo all associations with the supernatural, which means to avoid talking to shakhs/babas/etc that offer to do spells or 'duas' for you to get certain outcomes. You must not read astrology or see fortune tellers. It's also best to avoid any types of dunya activities or socializations that may tempt you to break these intentions.

    In addition, all muslims are required to fulfill their obligations consistently. For you this would mean observing hijab and keeping salat, fasting when Ramadan comes, and avoiding all manner of haraam.

    If you are able to live your life according to these aspects, in shaa Allah He will forgive you of your past sins and draw near to you.

    -Amy Editor

  7. First of all burn all the things what that black magic person had gave u and after that pray for magfirat to allah.. Inshallah.. If allah wants then allah will forgive u and praise with a lot of knowledge and straight path

  8. I went out with a girl but wouldnt have sex with her, her dad did black magic, it destroyed my family, I was 19 that was 15 yrs ago, the magic is still there, it took my friends and family from me and destroyed my health, I've not felt an ounce of happiness since before her.

    Today I stay way from asian women completely, and wouldnt even allow them to engage with me in any way, no matter how hard they try.

    Dont ever expect forgiveness from the harmed person, and expect recompense on the day of judgement, you dont have a right over anyone and vice versa. Allah may forgive, but will those who you harmed? I know I wouldn't.

    I never dated before her and wont ever date again lol learnt my lesson

    • I. Agree with kal on this one. I have severe black magic on me I want to forgive whoever it is but my heart can't let me. For me I might ask for that person to go to hell instead of taking the highest heaven but that's because I am living in hell right now.

      • No matter what never think bad for other people let Allah judge him or her you never know by doing this you might fall in to trouble. Allah sees everything so trust Allah let Allah guide you!!

  9. I did zina with two of my past partners.I repented and asked forgiveness from Allah Subhanu taalah and made a firm decision wont do zina ever again, and only lawfully until marriage i shall have patience. thats my redemption

  10. PO: I went out with a girl but wouldnt have sex with her, her dad did black magic, it destroyed my family, I was 19 that was 15 yrs ago, the magic is still there, it took my friends and family from me and destroyed my health,

    How do you know some one did black magic to you? Can a Muslim psychiatrist do the diagnosis?

  11. My in laws want control over my marriage and my husband's money. They kept my wedding gifts and until my sister in law is happy they will not let me have a peaceful marriage.

    We are newly weds and my husband made it clear his obligation to sister first than his wife. His sister is almost 40 married with 2 kids.

    As a result he mentally abuses me all the time.

    I notice the sister only associates with rich people and somehow everyone like a zombie repeats she is the best and makes no mistake.

    I think she is doing something to control everyone including my husband.

    Can I use magic to reveal the truth about what she is doing?

    • Use of magic is a serious sin in Islam. It cannot reveal the truth about anything. It can only cause harm.

      The problem is not your sister-in-law, but your husband. The fact that he does not value you and abuses you, that is the problem.

      Wael Editor

    • Do not even let black magic enter your imagination as a solution for your problems. This is shaitaan making you turn away from Allah and lose all your trust and hope in Him.

      Trust in Allah swt 100% and this will lead you to contentment in the midst of pain and hardship, inn shaa Allah.

  12. I need help i hurt so bad i want to die please if you can help call me ****

    • Kevin, your area code is a California code, is that where you are located? If so, call one of these suicide hotlines:

      California Suicide Hotlines
      If you're not in California then please look up the number for the suicide hotline in your area and call them. There is hope! Help is available.

      Wael Editor

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