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Can I pray for my friend to separate from her boyfriend?



As salam walaikum.

I have a best friend who's 17 yrs old. She will turn 18 this april. She told me about a month back that she had been seeing this guy who's 14 yrs elder to her and is getting divorced. He did get a divorce. Her parents found out about this once and her dad beat her and they broke up. But after sometime they started all over again. And she's been keeping it a secret from her parents all this while.

They have been dating for 4 yrs now. I hate him for doing this to her. I want to tell her parents but I won't.

And also she doesn't have a very good relationship with her parents. But I know that her mom loves her a lot. This has been troubling me a lot. I can't even walk away because I care too much.

If I pray to Allah (SWT) to separate them both and let her love the right man.. Will it happen?  Will he grant my wish ?

Please reply ASAP. Thank you.

- Sharikha

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  1. If your friend is still underage, report this man to the police. This man is a predator who has been manipulating your friend since she was 13 years old. God only knows how far things have gone or what other girls he is using in this despicable manner.

    If your friend is no longer a minor, you should tell her mother. This may cost you the friendship, but your friend is so manipulated by this man that she cannot see how he is using her. She needs an adult to protect her from the evils she cannot see. Her parents should not beat her though, this is abusive and counterproductive. Talk to her mother and point this out to her, try to convince her that she needs to approach her daughter with understanding if she is to extricate her daughter from this dangerous situation.

  2. yes you can pray for the safety of your friend, her parents should nt beat her, they beat her thats y she hides everything

  3. Wow since your friend was only 13 years old when they met and he 27 years, he probably is a paedophile. You need to report him to the police, im sure your friend is not the only one he is using. Talk to her and let her mother know about this man.They need to protect her from him and not beat her!! Yes you can make dua for your friend....

  4. yes you can pray and also you can report him to the policy.

    Are you jealous? 🙂 Just a thought dont mind.

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