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I’m South Asian he’s Arab, how can I convince my parents to accept him?

Cross cultural greetings

I am almost 18, and I have met someone I want to marry. We are only best friends right now, but we have spoken about  marriage. We don't talk like a couple but only friends, and we sometimes discuss marriage and how we will try to convince my parents.

I am South Asian living in London, and he is Arab, however, he lives in another country with one hour time difference and we met on twitter.

He is planning on visiting me in two years, just to meet up. We are planning on getting married by the age of 21-23. However, my parents are extremely cultural and backward minded, where they do not like love marriages or interracial marriages, due to the language barrier.

I really want to marry this person, but I do not know what to do? I am so scared when the time comes my parents will disown me. Please tell me what I could do so that by Allah my parents do accept it when the time comes?



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