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Want to break a gay promise given to Allah

Homosexuality in Islam

I am a gay. I have done gay sex many times. I am not attracted towards women. I always see gay porn sites and masturbates. I love gay sex. But now I wants to change. So as a part I promised to Allah that  I won't sex with anyone for one month even if i got the chance to. But now I can't control myself.....since I have mano such friends calling me for the sex. I think to broke my promise.....what should I do? I can't control myself....I can't bear it any more...can I break my promise?


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  1. Salam brother,

    Cut your contact with those guys and find a good practicing muslim friend. Pray 5 times a day in the mosque as much as you can. I don't think it is an issue of breaking the promise, it is a matter of choosing your way of life ... don't you concern about your afterlife .. you don't want to see Allah's face, you don't want to be a neighbor with Resul(saw) in Jannah

    Please choose your way of life wisely. May Allah guide you to the straight path

    May Allah help you

    you need to do
    1. sincere Repent
    2. don't get back to bad deeds again

    Please remember Allah all the time, keep making zikr, dua, pray tahajud
    If possible, get married to a girl

    Allahu a'elem

  2. No you should not break promise sincere repent and not go back sin you should cut off you gay friends who,s invite you for sin and keep busy with positive activities and And pray 5 time daily and read QURAN with translation and spend time with family and spend time in good deed .Satan will try to mislead you but you should control and Read morning and evening 3,3times SURAH IKHLAAS SURAH FALAQ AND SURAH NAAS for every evil for protection .

  3. Salaam

    The first thing you should know about homosexuality is that the act of sodomy literally shakes The Throne.

    The problem with having sex with men is that no woman can emulate the feeling you get from committing the abhorrent act. This means the devil will try and tempt you back there by controlling you and your desire to commit the act.

    I understand that you do not find women attractive sexually but be honest do you like the emotional connection with men? Or is it just the sex? I understand that gay sex is addictive and it is all about topping the last high you got, you just keep pushing and pushing until you destroy yourself. You are never satisfied - each time you satisfy the urge you will go back and want more and worse. There is nothing loving and healthy about it. I don't even need to tell you the medical problems and infections that come from tears in the anus. Sorry to be so graphic but break up the lifestyle and you will see it is entirely focused on all you can take sex, youth, beauty etc - absolutely meaningless.

    I don't know what to tell you but don't commit the act and let the devil win. Easier said than done I know but if you look at gay pornography it will get you in the mood to commit the act so stay away from that and your gay friends. Block the contacts and pray to Allah(swt) - only He can help you now. May He make it easier for you.

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