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I’m a revert but Muslim fiance abandoned me

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I'm a revert from a Hindu family. I was guided by the person I loved most. My fiance loved me unconditionally. he was so humble and wise person. I used to be little short tempered those days.

In one year his behaviours started changing where no more he was patient towards me. That made me change my character to better and I stopped showing any anger. I realised it was all work of shaitan's whisper as we were not married. I maximum tried to protect this relationship from heartbreaks.

He changed day by day. his anger, arrogance and everything became extreme. I told him for the sake of Allah let us not continue this relationship as I feared shaitan would separate us. but he never listened. I made Dua and decided not to displease Allah anymore. But on hearing it Ashy became more arrogant and tough each day. Disrespected me abused me extremely.

Ashy promised to marry me. i had so much dreams and all my Ramadan Duas were to get married and have Ashy in jannah. perform hajj, umrah, make my children Hafiz, build mosque (': I never even lied to him in any circumstance. i used to lower gaze dress fully covered. In every rain after every adhan and every salah I made Dua for ashique in dunya and jannah. I tolerate every day his abuses.

Suddenly one day he became so arrogant when I said to him not to commit zina for the sake of Allah. he abused beat me in road and left me. He showed no pain of separation and took his gifts back and left me.

i feel like am left alone in dunya. i have no support and don't know any Muslim people in dunya. my parents are extremely against this religion but they are great caring and kind people. I m left alone, I don't know how l'll even go in Islamic way to get married, I don't even know to fast ramadan. i trusted him and can't believe he left me without any worries. every instance I asked Dua to Allah. but why did he go? Can I have him back? I m even ready to face all physical and emotional abuses but can't think a life without him and Allah.

who ll take me to hajj and umrah? 🙁 All my life I was loyal faithful. 🙁 is this just trials? Will i get him back? i can't stop crying.

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  1. You need to learn to be independent and how to seek for answers don't expect to be spoon-fed. Once you have become independent then deal with this heartache you're going through by going to a professional physiatrist or online.

    To me it sounds like a blessing for you by god. A man who abuses., hits and who is always angry is not something you should seek He would have make your life a hell. Alhamdulillah God gave you a way out Now you can find someone who will treat you like the way you deserve.

    If you wanna strengthen your religion then read the quran, attend the mosque, make friends with Muslims. And if you wanna go umrah then go save your money and go with a friend or alone .

  2. Forget this guy, he is a total loser and would ruin your life.

    You need to find a new revert support group. They will be able to help you with the situation you are in and will also enable you to make friends with other Muslims.

    You need a Muslim husband, what better Muslim husband can you get than someone who is in the same boat as you i.e. a revert from hinduism? Find someone like that, or any good Muslim man for that matter and inshallah your life will be sorted.

    Forget this guy, he is filth and its a good thing Allah has removed him from you before things became complicated with a marriage or child.

    I am sure Allah has excellent plans for you. But don't just sit there, help yourself by looking for someone.

  3. Salam..yes that is normal but it is really not ..
    Shaitan or the devil takes it to the next level.Foundation of Iman must be solid and regular practice daily in zikr reading Quran and of course salah on time and being attached to the mosque in some way.This will keep the thief at the balcony!So dont worry write your letter tell how you feel and if this is the case then Allah knows best..Never feel down but feel grateful because you are blessed and Some people are lost in this world.Supplication in the middle of the night and all times.....just talking to God...he will show you the way.Be confident and do not let anyone whisper evil although it might seem good..this how the devil works...peace out

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