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My girlfriend’s parents won’t even give us the chance of meeting my parents.

My girlfriend of a year and so is a regular practicing muslim and so are her parents. Her parents live in the Middle East while she studies abroad in the country i live in. I wanted to have my parents call hers in order for our relationship to not be haram and their are guardians involved and everything can be serious. Im a good man, or so i hope i am inshallah, and a trying improving muslim. Her parents are convinced our families dont align whatsoever in terms of culture and background and that we're complete polar opposites when they've never spoken or met my parents. They think they're doing her a favor and saving her from a bad future, we've spoken about our expectations when it comes to religion and just our responsibilities and lives in the future. Her parents want her to cut me off, and she of course doesnt want to lie or hurt her relationship with them, but she also isnt able to just cut me out of her life so suddenly. They are 110% not willing to even give it a chance. What can i do to convince them? What can she do? What should we do? We're both fairly young me at 23 and her 21. Some help would be much appreciated.

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  1. I feel there might be other reasons to reject you like your not settled and she's still a student , maybe retry after 2-3 years and hope you're good enough to be considered when her parents are serious enough to look for matches for her , you have tough competition

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