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I am a converted muslim from Hindu and and married with Hindu woman with two kids. I was embrace with Islam and before converting I confirm that if my family will not accept Islam then I dnt want to leave them as I read at differnet sites about marriage of a Muslim is not valid with Hindu after three months of conversion. I was knwing it since begining that they will not convert and same thing happened. My question is as follows-

1) under these circumstances does it mean that my family will have not have anY right at me?

2) as per Hindu marriage act I am still married but as per islamic this marriage is null and void.

3) being muslim now am I allowed to get second marriage without divorce or consent from my first wife in my country or any other country?

4) in any country court need a certificate of impediment which I cant get without divorce in my country so is there any other way to get remarried in absence of any of the document like certificate of impediment or divorce paper or consent?

5) will mosque marriages are accepted and can be done in absence of any other documents in my case?

Please advise accordingly.


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  1. Assalaamualaikam

    While it is not possible for a Muslim to remain married to a polytheist (if your wife does not accept Islam then you would need to end the relationship), your family will still have the right to appropriate support and maintenance - your children are still your children and you have an obligation to support them and inshaAllah guide them to Islam.

    I would suggest that you speak with a scholar at your local mosque or community centre about the issue of remarriage, as they will be able to guide you according to the laws of your place of residence as well as Islam. As Muslims we should respect and follow the laws of our countries (as long as they are not against Islamic values) so it will be important for you to bear this in mind.

    Midnightmoon editor

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