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Hearing voices, black magic and mind-reading


Hi, Salam Alaykum

I'm 20, recently turned it a couple of months ago & I've been going through hella stress lately. It all happened with a series of bad dreams 2 which came true, the other I don't know of if it really did come true.

Basically I remember after that I started hearing voices in my head usually screams, something screaming inside my head, constantly, back then it was loud. Now not anymore. Basically there was a time I got ill, it was really bad, my fam actually placed me in bed, I wouldn't eat anything for days, and I was in bad condition, I was hospitalized at home, but during that process there was a time I had intercourse with something imaginary! This happened like twice! Where I released semen! & I would hear a ladies voice in my mind screaming out of pleasure! Basically I was so confused.

After I got better. I was taken to psychiatrists & sheikhs, some sheikhs deemed that I had black Magic put on me, my parents refused. Anyways, after I ingnored that incident, one day I started hearing voices again. Since before it was only screams. They would never ever communicate directly with me only that one time before the screams & after that it was just screams. Till that day where they spoke all at once like a lot of people inside my head.

I started believing in mind reading that someone was reading my mind due to the fact that one day I remembered I said till an indirect story to a fellow residence mate & they actually did about what was actually going on in my life only instead of me they were referring to someone else. I let that go, but it felt like everywhere I went, certain individuals would indirect me and I swear to you it always hit the nail on the head.

These screams inside my head has ruined my life completely. At the end of all this I want to ask a question, can minds be read? Can someone who we wrong read our minds or any other person in general take control of it?

I've also lost my energy? I used to be energetic like hell, now I'm shockingly wasteful. Like I'm really weak. I can't run as fast I'll get tired. I don't feel stable. this be due to the paranoia and frustration of 2 whole years or 1?

I feel out of place. I remember my mind was really decent. I used to get good grades. Now it's like its stopped, I feel like someone else I'm always paranoid, stressed, cause I have to hand in this project that's gonna get me work in Sweden this summer Insha allah. I feel like my rizq is long (like its a pathetic & it's just hopeless) & I'm actually thinking of selling my soul, because I really feel helpless, please don't judge me & get back quick at me.

ps there was this time I constantly heard the female/thing that was shouting in my brain, I actually told it to my mum one day and she said leave that name out, I don't wanna hear anything about those witches, basically the females voice in my head & her mum.  Coincidence? The name of the females voice that actually exsists in my head came to be proven by mum. Since then I've never really liked my parents. Because they seem like they know something & I've contemplated on killing this person many times. So yeah that's about it.


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  1. Assalaamualaikam

    The experiences you've had sound very frightening and distressing. I think you need to talk to your doctor about these - hearing voices, feeling paranoid and stressed, and worrying about mind-reading can be symptoms of mental health problems. These can often be effectively treated if they are identified early, so it's important to get this checked out. If your experiences are due to this, then you can work with your doctor and (if needed) specially trained therapists to help you recover.

    Many people who have experiences like this, and who get professional help for it, are able to go on to live happy and successful lives. There's no reason to think that you couldn't be among these people if this is the cause of your difficulties.

    You mention that you are having thoughts of killing someone. Please remember that killing is haram - you must not do this! If you feel you are going to kill this person, you need to get help from your family or from a doctor straight away.

    May Allah protect you.

    Midnightmoon editor

    • Basically I swear alongside the stress, paronia, hearing voices that I know now ain't there as it's been confirmed by a lot of physictrists Muslim & non Muslim alike, the wanting to kill is always there, it's like I swear someting is telling me to do it. Well basically negative vibes.. Jaza kallah though.

      • Assalaamualaikam

        Have the psychiatrists you've seen mentioned anything that they think could be causing this? If they don't know already, it's important to let them know about these thoughts of wanting to kill. Mental health professionals encounter these experiences quite frequently, so inshaAllah they should have the experience to help you. It may be that some medication and talking therapies can help you feel better and more in control of your life.

        As well as seeking practical help from professionals, make sure you're doing as much as you can to strengthen your connection to Islam. Try to keep up your prayers, remember Allah frequently during the day, and avoid haram things. You may want to read our articles about dua (we have a section called 'Dua for one who is sick' and another about dua for stress and anxiety), and to try reading Quran regularly - many people find it beneficial to read Ayatul Kursi and the last three surahs in the Quran, when they are going through difficult times.

        Remember that you are not alone; about 1 in 4 people will have mental health problems at some time in their lives, and more than 1 in 100 people are thought to experience hearing voices and similar experiences. It isn't something many people talk about, so it can seem very isolating, but mental health problems are far more common than we might think. You might want to look into whether there are any support groups in your area for people who hear voices, as it might help to talk to other people who have been or are currently experiencing similar things.

        Midnightmoon editor

      • Read biography of Umar bin Khattab ra

      • I believe this could be a spiritual experience you are going through.
        Replace the thought of killing with something kind do more good things in life.
        Meditation helped me to understand and calm my mind down.
        Good breathing techniques also helps. Give it a go.

  2. You mentioned that some Sheikhs deemed that you had black magic put on you. But what did the Psychiatrists say?

    • They said I need to be on pills. I've spoken to Muslim ones & non Muslim ones and they all said this is mentally related because I actually left out that I was awake for a whole good 6 days I was barely getting any rest as I had exams. & Subhanallah I've actually had a good word, told them all about this, and they told me not to worry as it's all said delusional.

      • Allah knows best, but this doesn't sound like a black magic on you, however, it may be one of the two; either a psychological issue or a spiritual issue (it may be good or bad, but not necessarily a black magic). It will be helpful if you can continue seeing the Psychiatrists (for appropriate medications) while you stay with us here for discussing with you from time to time inshaAllah. For the meantime, I'd like to know, have you examined your relationship with Allah? Is your relationship with Him very good?

      • brother i am on the same position you are but my condition is more bad this thing what is with me do homosexuality with me I use to pray five times and read quran do fasting all things it started with the true dream and now this this has full control over me and I am also helpless like you no doctor has any solution for me this thing also control lights and this thing always use to abuse Allah and his messenger and hi companions and quran and all this thing it happened to me and still going on everyone say I have some kind of psycological problem i use to start dancing in front of every one do vomiting and all the things very bad sexual only pornography i am tired of this thing who rape me every day all the time and this thing ask me that Allah has appointed us on your because of your sins I am 30 years old man and I use to be energetic guy I do gym and i was good in shape but now i am totally knocked out because of this thing no buddy understand me

        • Assalaamualaikum

          I am quite confident that no doctor or psychiatrist will be able to help you.
          You need to visit a Raqi (Specialist in performing Ruqyah) before things goes out of hand.
          It is quite obvious that you have SIHR. Someone has casted jinns on you, or could be Evil Eye or Envy.
          I have experienced the same with my wife, and with Ruqyah, I found a lot of progress.



          • As salam o laikum. Can I make a suggestion this is an Awakening and there's nothing to be afraid of it can be very draining but I have been watching videos on the subject. Can I suggest you watch on YouTube a guy called Ralph his videos are under Infinite Waters. Let me know how you get on.

          • Kindly tell me the way to approach a true raqi

        • Salam alaykum ikwan. I’m doing well now alhamdulilah. Jazakallah for your duas and the responses.

          • Asalamualaykum Bugzyie,

            That's great to hear!! After hardship, their is ease Alhamdulilah. Thanks for keeping us posted 🙂


      • Hey Bugzyie,

        If ur a Muslim, do wudu and pray 5 times a day or as many as u can, specially Fajr and Magreeb prayers, Ishaa too.
        Also pray or hear Sura Al Baqarh and Ayat Ul Kursi, morning and night
        Check for Ruqyah on YOUTube

        If you are a Christian, you also have prayers in the Holy Bible, pray the Hail Mary rosary and Prayer of Our Lord

        At the same time get medical help too

        May God be with you and heal you , Amen !

  3. OP: I was hospitalized at home, but during that process there was a time I had intercourse with something imaginary! This happened like twice! Where I released semen! & I would hear a ladies voice in my mind screaming out of pleasure! ......... Because they seem like they know something & I've contemplated on killing this person many times. So yeah that's about it...At the end of all this I want to ask a question, can minds be read? Can someone who we wrong read our minds or any other person in general take control of it?...

    No one can control your mind. You seem to be an intelligent guy. Best thing is talk about your problem with a psychiatrist. Don't hurt any one.

    • he is not lying i am also a victim and i know his and my pain because i am suffering from it you are normal that is why you are thiniking that way no buddy understand this situation whoever i try to explain he is not lying and I also I am in more bad situation them him this thing took control over by body and soul

      • Brother l'm in the exactly the same position like you but instead i can hear 2 voice always talking in my head . how did you recover . because i have no idea how to overcome this thing . it been 3 year now for me that l'm suffering i lost everything career /friend /family and all the people treat me like hell since 3 year .. i want to end this thing as soon as possible .. plz help me brother

        • You need to see a psychiatrist. Medicines can make many people almost normal.

          • I have to say I have suffered from the same illness . By the will of god I found this today.
            This is much more than a mental illness. I have laied w evil he is speaking the truth. It is a twisted path. Scary ... You question so much and you can feel them this is not a mind trick, this is not a question of the mind. They sat on the edge of my bed , and my bed sinks in... This is darkness set upon you. This is biblical. It is real. Your faith is tested.. you pray alot and your prayers are oftentimes answered but the demons return. I thank you for your insight and ask for your prayers as I still struggle with my demons as I have yet to truly surrender to God. I Struggle on. Thank you and God bless

        • I have been suffering from it these are The whispering from satan. I asked one sheikh he said Allah will mot question on these thoughts as we have no cotnrol over These. He said if you want to get rid of these just let them appear in your mind and dont panic. Neither try to avoid or treat them just let them pass by. And this way i git normalised in my life. Alhamdulilah

  4. this is paranoid schizophrenia, you are on early stage, try to consult a psychiatrist, its necessary

  5. asalamu alaikum,

    sister do you pray? if not pray all your salaah, recite qur'an a lot, every single day. listen to qur'an recitations. make lots of du'as to Allah to cure you. going to places for cure, when Allah is the one who gives the shifa. remember, nothing can harm you except by the will of Allah, and everything will harm you by the will of Allah. in due time things should get better insha'allah


    • I'm a brother loooooool & to be fair I do pray. Seriously talking, I do read qura'an not that much though.

      • Dear brother...I'm a 37year old female two years ago I started hearing voices too except mine would talk to me and talk about me to each other .some kept calling my name...topics woukd vary from religious to really nasty stuff..they knrw everything about me and i spoke to through my thoughts and from within my head was like there was hundreds of people inside my head...some seemed like they were outside my head...and just like you when i go out in public it was like all eyes were on me and it was like i could read minds everytime i passed someone a voice would pop up in my family hospitalized me twice and drz say its schizophrenia even tho i think someone did black magic (only Allah knows) on me i take my treatment regularly and do my monthly doctor's i don't hear the voices but i feel them talking..just like you i lost my energy and dont feel like doing much all day..having said all that i used to pray before during and still do all my prayers on time....when the illness was at ots worst i only used to listen to quran it was the only way i could get some sleep..even though the voices would overlap the quran recitation...i just wanted to share my story with you and let you know you're not alone...i ask Allah for our recovery..

        • Ok got a couple of questions when u read Quran what were the reactions? Did u hear screaming? Thats all. Sorry i couldn't go further since Im running off to prayer. Its fajr time now

        • dear sister my name is sylar l;m experiencing the exactly same thing it been 3 year now since it's been happening to me . how do you recover /.. plz help me

        • Sanna: my family hospitalized me twice and drz say its schizophrenia even tho i think someone did black magic (only Allah knows) on me i take my treatment regularly and do my monthly doctor's i don't hear the voices but i feel them talking..

          Your family can see how medicine is helping you. You are not hearing voices any more proves it is not black magic. Medicines are not supposed to cure Black Magic.

      • Okay listen brother, it might not be accurate ,what I am going to say but IT IS RELATED. You might have DID, Dissociative Identity Disorder,simply put it's personality disorder. Trust me my friend had this exact same situation you are having bruh.
        P.s I pray for your health man.

  6. It could be a communication device... Sounds like something that would happen during an explosion. I am not sure what you could do about it even if you do have a source good luck.

    • No all these symptoms he is having are signs of black magic you need to do ruqyah as soon as possible but also on the other hand if you go to the doctors they will say to you its all in your head your just ill. My sister had similar symptoms and we took her to see a sheikh where they performed ruqyah and it was form of black magic done.

      • Do lots of dua so Allah shows you what has been done to you or what your problem is. Then do ruqyah in sha Allah and know that only Allah cures. Do self ruqyah for about a month or even 2 or 3 months look it up in the internet and listen to to ruqyah every day and make dua to Allah to strengthen your faith. Avoid sins
        pray your prayers and Allah will send you cure down whenever he wills.
        May Allah grand you cure for everything even if it is not magic or jinn.
        Doktors will in most cases not help you when it is something spiritual and don't worry Allah knows your stress.

  7. My son has the same problem have u got help

    • I was on the same boat and it has slowly disappeared, however it's too lengthy to explain.

      • brother l'm in the exactly situation like you it been 3 year for me now .. i lost everything .. everyday i can hear 2 voice in my head talking to me .. my situation is very bad and i want to know if there any solution for my problem s

  8. asalamualaikum, I would like to try to help for the sake of Allah, you can email me at **** as Im a victim of the same exact situation.

    • Sorry, we do not allow the posting of private contact info. Whatever you have to contribute you can do so here please.

      Wael Editor

    • brother how did you get rid of it let me know i would be very thankful to you this thing distroyed me and I am all alone :'(

  9. I have been where you were twelve years ago. I was certain that I was a test subject for some weapon research, maybe I was wrong, maybe I was right. Important thing is that when diagnosed with schizophrenia or psychosis, YOU DO NOT NEED TO TAKE ANY DRUGS. What you need is a quiet place and the support of people who love you (and who do not insist that you need drugs). If you do not have the latter then the former is good enough. P.S. In case you do cannabis like I did to excess, take a long break.

  10. My Shaykh said read biography of Umar bin Khattab ra

  11. Dear all my brothers and sisters on this page who are going through a hard time.

    I will explain what happened to me, it's the first time i am putting it out there in detail.

    I am surprised i found this page because it seems a lot of people on here are suffering or were suffering from the similar sort of symptoms.

    My symptoms are very similar to our brother shafiq on here, who has been asking for help. Brother, the best way to do this is, never be scared of whats effecting you, always stay strong and have faith in Allah. Please make dua to Allah every night before you go to sleep, asking for forgiveness and protection from evil, ask Allah to shield you.Dont ask Allah for materialistic things brother such as money etc. You can do dua in english because you can word it properly, i always do it in english and i have made 70% recovery in 2 years. After you have finished you dua or prayer, blow over all your body, blow on your hands, and sweep all your body with your hands, blow on your pillows. This will basically act as a shield and keep evil away at night. This 100% works, and i guarantee you if you try this it will keep the evil away at night.
    You don't need to see any peers or anyone, they won't help you, the help will come from Allah.

    My story since i first heard the "voice" in my head.

    Firstly, I lost everything due to hearing multiple voices, hallucinations and jinn possession, i was even raped by something in a different realm when i was awake during sleep paralysis.

    It all started about 2 years ago, it was very sudden.
    I was doing bad things, such as taking drugs such as cannabis and listening to music while smoking it. I was in a position where i thought, it's too late for me and im going to hell regardless of what i do in my life, so i would say i was a terrible and selfish individual, but i always had a clean heart and would be respectful to everyone as much as i could.

    Before going to sleep one night, it happened.
    It started as one voice, as soon as this happened, i thought to myself damn, it's the devil, it has to be, who else could it be.
    And then these weird hallucinations started to happen that would be too hard to explain.

    Now this is the weird part - my voices started as something coming across as my friend, what ever was in my head was being nice to be because it liked the way i, a bad person.
    Days passed and i started to realize this is not normal, why would a good person or thing interfere with my life and possess me in order to talk in my head, it doesn't make any sense. So what happened is this voice left my head and a different one appeared which claimed to be prophet muhammad pbuh, of course that was nonsense, but i;m not going to lie to you guys and girls on here, i actually believed it and thought maybe it is so i would talk back in my head ( i could hear my own voice in my head now).
    This is where the games started, multiple voices, i'm talking 15 to 20 voices are in my head now. These voices are of people i know or who i have spoke to in the past, these voices would introduce themselves and it would be voices of past friends etc, at this moment i felt as if everyone could read my mind, and this world is not what it seems to be, and for some reason everyone can speak to each other with their mind. I know it sounds crazy but trust me these voices scrambled my brain, i was all over the place.
    A few days later, i hear another voice in my head from a distance. The voice claimed to be Allah, and the voice would say "don't be scared, i'm with you", and i believed it again, i was on top of the moon at this point because i though Allah is communicating with me and trying to guide me. This was false and it was not Allah, i was tricked again, foolishly.
    I don't know who it was for sure but i think it was satan himself, the voice made me go to all the local mosques in my area and ask them if i could live in the mosque. I walked back and forth to 3 or 4 different mosques and i sat there and asked if i could live there because this voice told me in order for me to go to heaven i would have to become holy and live in the mosque, i tried but the people at the mosque were confused and told me go home, but i think they knew something was happening to me.
    I regret listening to this voice so much, but a few days passed an i figured it out, i'm being tricked left right centre. I can't trust no one, not even my family, because the voices would talk to me in my mothers, fathers and brothers voice too.
    I lost all my friends at this point, i had no one except my family and these voices in my head and the hallucinations.

    From this point on, i knew i have to change my self because something big is at play here, its a game being set up by evil and they want to take over me completely.
    I started praying non stop, reading namaaz for hours and hours non stop, i locked my self in the room, i would pray until me legs gave out and i could not stand no longer. The voices would talk over me when i prayed which made it really hard, they tried to make me laugh, talk back etc etc.
    I started to think clearly, it was like my eyes opened and i could see the world for what is is, evil. I would question everything ,what is haraam and what is halaal - for example - how could chicken be halaal when it's a living animal that has been killed so we can eat it, how can water be halaal when it come out of water taps, i questioned everything.
    I stopped drinking water or eating anything, i starved for 5 days and though the body needed no water or food to survive.
    and then i beleive i get signs from Allah, i would look up into the clouds everyday and i could see the clouds formed into Allah in arabic. At this point, i was releived and honoured that Allah would send me signs even though i was bad weeks before. I was willing to go homeless and live with the poor, but of course things changed over time.

    This present time, i have everything, i have Allah. My family. 2 friends. No career, 25 years old, broke, and my happiness i once had has left my body and i am always in pain because this world does not bring anything good - money is the root to all evil, living a life where your just paying bills and just about making a living, watching people drive nice cars and wanting that, wanting the latest clothes, the girl by your side.

    The way i see it now is, either live to pay bills and have a good time


    go homeless and live with the poor by rejecting this world and its materialistic things and give life to Allah and be at the rock bottom with nothing - in order to receive whats in the next life and ultimately be with Allah when i die.

    I dont have the power or the energy to start this journey alone mainly because of my family, but i think whats more important is being closer to Allah.

    I see my brothers and sisters on here who have also gone through very hard times, who have lost friends, their careers etc etc.

    My question to all of you is, who would like to join me on a hard a and rough journey where we would be at rock bottom, no money, but we would live with our brothers and sisters who also have nothing, no money, no cars, absolutely nothing, no worries for anything, we could travel the world and spread a good message to all our brothers and sisters and tell people to not lose hope in Allah, and if we give up everything for Allah, the life after death, where we would be with Allah, is worth dying for by being at the bottom with nothing.

    You all might think i'm crazy, but lets be realistic, we all suffered from the same type of symptoms, possessions and what not, this happens to good people with good hearts. If we make this small sacrifice for Allah, i am 100% certain Allah will help us on this journey and we might even get to see supernatural signs while we are all together, ( i love me some signs ha ha)

    I don't think any one would read all this, but if anyone is up for this journey let me know and lets get the ball rolling, and be a step close of getting to Jannah, or even better, by our Allah's side.

    • As salam o laikum to all who reads this. I am finding this comforting to hear that i am not the only one in these circumstances. Though i would not wish this one anyone and hope that we all recover. My reason for writing on here is to see if people would be interested in setting up a meeting, in a safe environment to talk about our experiences and hopefully gain support from each other. I live in South West London and would love to get a feel on peoples responses and move forward from here.
      With the hope of developing some strategies to cope better with our situation.
      It may help to realise and bring forward our thoughts therefore disempowering what we believe to be stalling our lives.
      I too have been afraid of what people may say and think i am nuts so keeping this within can and has been draining.

    • Salam,
      same story, been junkie and one day appeared voices. They turned life in a nightmare. Same story. Could describe them as non-stop liars. Again and again trying to scare you, but now with help of Allah SWT they attempts more look funny rather then scary. Inshallah, my brother, we will win 🙂 Dont lose your faith in Allah SWT.

  12. Hi this is similar to what I’ve been hearing I don’t even want to talk about it anymore because my life seems meaningless and I want to forget it I heard a females voice someone I knew and many others all related to her but she spoke and yelled actually told me her name because I would yell back because she insulted me told me I couldn’t do nothing right very disgusting things for I believe five years it’s been going on. at first light whispers then full out yelling in my head talking about things I was doing saying go here and go there telling me things when I got there about us I didn’t know. it said ask this person about this thing I remember it talked about things that happened when we were together I can read your mind it said think of something and i will tell you what your thinking and it would Now i know it wasn’t me thinking this to myself why would I think about saying these things to my self i couldn’t understand why it was doing this I mean being that i knew the voice so I would laugh joke no sure what was the reason for this I asked it if it was god that made this possible because of our love it said yes that’s right so it talked to me it said tell me how much you love me if I were In trouble and needed money would you pay where do you keep the money bring it how do you run your business it would say. Talking nice and try to say nice things when I answered it what it wanted I lived alone then but then it began to put me down saying i was incompetent sexually or it was having sex with my friends and familie making me doubt myself in my head and try to put fear in me insult me like it was thier to harm me so these things I knew I wouldn’t ask myself or do to myself I was confused so I trapped it i think? it felt so strange to me I felt like I trapped it there because i wasnt sure about this I felt I had to do something it began to become more angry with me so I fought with it daily chasing it knowing it wasn’t there but not really sure why was this happening it seemed to begin to call to me from outside my head bringing other voices with it to help it I felt like it moved things and take things or make me believe it did by saying this to me I began to realize it served only to try to confuse me it started being very sexually disgusting using my love for who I thought it was driving me mad with hate for making me listen so i began hating it and it me because I would ignor it screeming at me saying it was talking to me as I slept it actually used the name of this person I thought it was and it said as I slept that it brought men there doing things to me it said it had me in a tranced so that it would let me be abused when I did Sleep so I tried not sleeping it would enter my dreams but I feel it had no power over me when I encounter it in my dreams and we would fight & fight and wake up fighting so much that I hated it and we seemed to know each other i remember in one dream I short myself in the head to prove to it that she would not ever over come me when I did I only awoke angry as was she it told me so meny things so that I almost thought she was seeing me at first I would look to see who was there then I just wanted to explain what this was that I knew what she was doing and to leave me alone she hated me and I knew her so also I wanted to end it with me or her either way (preferably her) but I’ve tried to make peace with those memory’s and thoughts I’ve tried to reason it away but it has destroyed my sanity my business my friendships my family is the only thing I have left and i try to explain this to someone but it’s hard and at one point it would even say that bad things would happened to everyone I spoke to about this and in fact it did seem to be happening when I spoke to people about it they would get injured so I took it on myself trying to reason with it ignoring it was unbearable the disgusting way it was insulting everything about everything I did how could it know everything I know I’ve never felt like this way before I meet this person and this it could not happen but here I was with this in my life I never seeked help except through prayer and it seemed to work but the damage in my memory is still there I couldn’t concentrate and still have problems with my mind I don’t know what to do but just ignor it put my faith in prayer and be around those who know me love me and that I trust but I was very friendly out going and I’m not anymore I hate it about me that I’m not like this but I’m weary I don’t speak much about it and I just want it to stop already move forward I’ve prayed to forget it all but I still hear it calling to me like it needs me to come to it it tell me to go to certain places but I will never go I will never give in and I think I’ve hurt it by not doing this like it will suffer the same as I but I’m just going off my inner most feelings and I want so much to retrieve the life I had before calm loving happy productive and serien a little adventurous but this makes me feel alive so who doesn’t want a thrill right but what I have now it’s not right it’s sad I used to help my friends and families and because of this I can’t even help myself I feel until I conquer this or understand it I won’t change but i know I must learn to forgive in my heart and that i May not know what I’m forgiving or who or why maybe myself is why I am sinner right I perhaps am atoning I don’t know but i need this over clean myself with fasting and prayer I know god is with me to be able to go through this and still be sane I hope we both are able to see the truth and dominante this. god will be done and through this word and understanding we be healed
    a Selam alyleka

  13. Dude ure under black magic 100& u need to get itself ASAP! also that thing will want u eat bit only ur life away but everyone around u I cluding ur parents if will try to create I'll feelings for u towards them pls this is sehr Google it and get help I hope u will be okay ameen

  14. My name is Danny and I am going through the same problem like someone is reading my mind .. Im a Muslim who had started to read the bible then I took The Quran as well for understanding. . However I try to complete but I miss sometimes daily prayers. . This has stopped my work and I'm afraid the voice as well seeing something on walls I was addicted to porn as well. . and I am in trouble .. I live alone since my mom and dad expired had experienced fitz ... it has been more than 5 to 6 year's and I really feel scared how to have a cure.. Please help or advice me what I can do in this state. .

    • As salam o laikum Danny.
      Ask the voices to leave you alone in a polite yet firm way. And notice the shift in energy. Learn to meditate. Start a slow build up. Also as hard as it maybe visit a mosque nearby. It will help take your mindd off things. It's ok to do as much as you can. Smile a lot more and try make others smile. Remember small steps.

  15. I need to hire someone who can help me get rid of this black magic done to me. I'm sure it's sorcery, not sure about the jinn but I hear different people talking in my mind all day and night, bad things, I have weird dreams. No medicine helps either, please email me if I can hire you to help me. *********
    Thank you

    • Joe, what you're describing sounds like mental illness, specifically schizophrenia. You really need to see a medical doctor. The right medication could help you.

      Wael Editor

  16. Brother you are okay there's nothing wrong with you. Like some of the people said you need get ruqyah dome on you. I been going through some difficulties as well. At night take a shower put on clean cloths listen put on your head phones and listen to quran or ruqyah at night before going to sleep until you get ruqyah performed on you. When you are listening to quran on your phone it might seem like it's not working or sounds annoying but now matter what thoughts you get keep listening it's shay tan getting burned and making you feel like it's not working. Please find a sheikh and get ruqyah done on you as soon as possible.

  17. Wa alaykum as Salaam wa rahmatullah wa barakaatuh
    Dear young brother. I had black magic done on me 39 years ago or at least I think I did. I lost my mind and now hear voices. I believe that the cure is with Allaah and Quran. If you can seek out s reliable sheikh to show you all the ayah in Quran that you need to read over yourself I think in sha Allaah you would be cured. Always try to keep your prayers and try to pray on time. If you can get zamzam water then read over it and drink the water a few sips at fajr and maghrib. If you have no zamzam then use regular water. Recite al Fatiha 7 times each time blowing over the water, then recite ayatul kursi and blow over the water and then the 4 quls three times each and after reciting each surah blow over the water. In sha Allaah you will feel some relief. Do not turn to drugs like nicotine as that is highly addictive and very dangerous to the mind. And ask Allaah to grant you afiyah. All the time. Recite istighfar as much as you can and try to fend off the voices with as much thikr and trust that Allaah will provide relief. Never ever give up. And if you feel like giving up just rest and know that Allaah hears and sees all. Take good care of yourself in all aspects of your life and ask Allaah for good character and good manners and try your best to be the best that you can be as a good Muslim. Try to stay away from haram and lessen music in your life.
    Be well and be safe Ameen
    Fi aman illaah

  18. Asalam Alakum my dear brother. Jinn are real as allah tell us they are so is black magic as mentioned in Quran. We are.not allowed to communicate with Jin or ask for anything from them in Islam just the same as they are not allowed to deal with us. But there transgressions in human beings that do magic on people and also jin that may bother a human being for many different reasons. Jins can fall in love with human beings hence the dreams you have. Nothing can happen without will of allah. How is your prayer? Please.don't answer to me never read previous threads but I dont need to know your deeds. Say ayah Kursi. Try to find out what makes allah happy with you and try to do and see what earns his anger and ask him to helpnypu away from it. May allah take harm away from you and punish those who cause harm to others. I nshallah if dipped in junnah allah will ask if you ever felt harm in this life you will say no and same other way around. TO the ones giving you trouble WHEN you are dipped in hell fire allah will ask did you ever feel pleasure .in this life and you will say no. I nshallah when you do things that please Allahabad in quran you will get better. Jinn are so weak all you have to say allahs name and it hurts them. Try putting on headphones blasting Sarah Ballarat 🙂 you most likely.will feel like you will die but it foid for you 🙂 allah is with you.

  19. There is no mind reading in islam. Only one who knows minds is Allah but there inspiring from Sahaytan as mentioned in the quran. May Allah protect you from this Nasty woman jinn that with you. May allah burn her for causeing harm to you and you rewarded for your subr and may allah make this.something hat brings you closer to islam. Tell her if she doesn't leave you you will inshallah kill her by Allah's name. Jin the way they communicate with you in through your thoughts. I know nothing I am just a slave of allah and only allah knows the unseen. Dont go to any shiek best roqia is the roqia you do for yourself. Close your eyes listen to roqia focus on the words of allah and just as they put thoughts in your head and feelings focus on hurting her with the words of allah jinn are liers dont trust a word they say dont even give hem he time of day they just like to play. Allah is with you. Hope you get cured soon. The struggle is real.

  20. Assalam wa alaikum wa Rahmatullah.
    I know it’s been a few years, but has anyone here seen any improvement in their symptoms; as I’ve been experiencing the same thing for like five years straight now. It started with hearing pelting noises against my windows into full blown voices mocking me inside my head. And before you ask, yes I have seen multiple psychiatrists now and have been on antipsychotic meds for quite some time. Unfortunately their physical side effects were scarier than any mental disorder (I gained almost 75 pounds and lost control of almost all my bodily functions [from peeing myself to random bouts of diarrhea, and even wet dreams in my 30’s]) . Before my “treatment” i would talk to myself incessantly and fidget almost constantly: I would pick away at my clothes till I had ripped almost all my shirts from the left side. This was also noticeable inside the mosque when an older gentleman told me this is not normal behaviour. I think the medications made me more conscious of the way I was acting, so Alhamdulillah, I fidget a lot less now, but I still talk to myself quite a bit. This is visible to my parents who have also complained to my shrink, but my dad tells me his father was kind of the same, and there might be some family history of schizophrenia. Please, any input is helpful. The only help I have to offer is that whenever I move homes it seems like one set of problems ends, but sadly they kind of progress into something worse [like the pelting, which I’ll explain more if you’d like], that stopped but then I started hearing people talking like under their breath every time they passed me (sorry but it’s made me very paranoid). This is now coupled with the fact that since COVID I’ve been experiencing a lot of social anxiety, and I barely get out—I’m also medicated for that too. It is so severe that I would sweat and tremble just sitting in the masallah where we hold Jummah prayers. I used to have to sit for most Jumuah salah. But then this Ramadan I went for Taraweeh and I was real proud that I stood for the entire night prayer, but now I’m back to the same nervous tendencies where my knees almost shake when I’m trying to stand and pray. So I dunno what’s happening to me. I just think if I move again this problem might disappear but something worse might replace it. Please pray for me. JazakAllah khairan

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