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Difficulty in getting married

Asalam aleykum,

I am17 years old, a revert muslim from India. I know a 22 years old muslim guy since 4 years with whom I was in a haraam relationship for almost 2 years. Later he realised that we were sinning and doing all haraam things so he started getting close to Islam. That was the time when he gave me too much dawah about Islam and I decided to become a muslim. Now we want to get married and become halaal to each other.

But the problem is I have just finished my schooling and that guy has already started his own business. His parents are forcing him to marry quickly with a girl of their choice who is rich and of their caste. They don't care whether she is religious or not they just want to marry off their son for getting dowry and showing off their social status. They are money minded.  His parents are unaware about me because if I confront them then my parents (who are strictly anti-muslim Hindus) will come to know that I have become a revert muslim and that I want to get married at such a tender age as Hindus generally marry around 25 years of age and also I've not yet begun with my college(Although I know in Islam there is no issue to get married soon). On the other side he is being forced to marry another girl against his wish.

So now He told me he will marry both of us and live with me and his other wife would not live with us but we would take care of her expenses and spirituality but I cannot agree for polygamy so he then said that okay he will divorce her later after getting married as his parents just want dowry but he will not tell anything to the girl about his plan before getting married to her since she would refuse to it. So I don't agree with both the ideas which he gave to me. I do not want to go for polygamy too.

His parents also say that they will disown him if he does not marry a girl of their wish and that would cause hurdles in his business since he has just started with it. So even if he says no to his parents they will disown and not give him their property to work on to carry out his business and he doesn't have much money to settle anywhere else.

Please help me what should we do I've no one around me to help and guide since I live in a non muslim society and if I don't marry this guy who is so much religious and trustworthy my parents in future will either get me married to a Kaafir and I will land up in hell or I will have to stay single for my whole life which can cause me to fall into sins. If you think that I can marry some other muslim then that is also not possible because I cannot trust anyone.

Since its not an easy task to make my anti-muslim parents convince for my marriage with a muslim guy I cannot fight with them for a person whom I don't know. I can only fight with them for the guy whom I love and who has helped me so much with my deen.They would even file a case if i marry to some muslim guy because here people call it LOVE JIHAD and you know to fight for a case we need to have too much of money..I just want that we both of us get married as we know we can help each other in our deen and help each other to enter jannah and follow prophet's life.

Please help me and tell us some way to get married. I want to marry him only and no one else. To be precise..we can marry secretly against our parents wish because their reasoning is not at all logical for causing hindrance in our marriage we just want halal relationship because we love each other and want to help each other to get jannah . The only issue is that if the guy's parents disown him he would not be able to carry out his business since he doesn't have much money and that will cause problem in his career and he needs to be independent with sufficient amount of money so that in future if my parents when get to know about our marriage they would file a case against us alleging that I was trapped in LOVE JIHAD by the muslim man.. so for that he needs to be stable enough in his business.      Please help I want to practice Islam.

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  1. Read surah anbiya ayah 30 with intention of unblocking your marriage issues, strong intention and repeat ayah 5-7 times....

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