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As Salaam O Alaikum

i have been married for 3.5 years and from the very beginning(even before marriage) i have been having problems with my partner(husband)We just dont have the love between us (although ours was a love marriage)Its been such a long time but he refuses to come close to me, or show any attraction towards me.. i feel very depressed when i see other couples moving ahead in their life, and we are stuck from where we began.. Also to mention we still havent consummated our marriage because he shows no  interest in coming close to me.. So many times i came back to my parents house so as to not go back again, but because of the pressure of parents stating everything will br fine, i went back everytime..

Right now its been 8 months that i am at my parents place, and in these 8 months he was never even bothered to call me back home though he talks to me everyday, Also to mention my inlaws too aint even bothered to call me up and ask what is the issue..

For this reason i had seen istakhara, to which the interpretations as asked by several aalim’s came out to be positive, but my heart doesnt give me gawaahi to go back because i feel things are not going to change between my husband and me..

Also to mention, earlier this year my father has been diagnosed with Cancer, and although this time he has left the decision on me, i just feel that if i dont go back his hope of seeing me settled will get ruined and he will be heartbroken!

i am very confused as to what i should do now.. kindly help me out as i am very very worried..


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  1. You are best off leaving he ovs doesnt care y should you u deserve better in sha allsh allah makes it better for u

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