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Exchange of problems – is it okay?

Hello fellow Muslim people. I was going through a really tough time in school because of one toxic person and now it is summer vacation. I was a victim of her jealousy and envy and her constant wanting of my attention and ruining no my life.  She is not religious at all and I ask Allah that if he make her stay a grade back or move to another school as a punishment of her not praying instead of her time in hell will that be alright so I can finally get rid of her. Or I ask Allah to give me kidney stones which is the worst kind of pain ever and I will not complain in return for him moving to another school or staying a grade back. Is that okay. I pray first be times a day and do lots of astaghfirullah and every time I do sajdah in salah I ask him to accept my supplication. Plz answer I also swore an oath to fast for 20 days if she doesn't attend the school with me

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  1. I want any one help me

  2. AOA,

    You must not make such 'supplications', especially about yourself having kidney stones in exchange for this person being served justice of your choosing, where you request him to be put back a grade etc. You should pray to Allah for protection from harm from this bully instead of trying to bargain with Allah. You at the most should only reserve the hope that Allah grants this person with what they deserve and leave it to Allah to meter punishment.

    All you can do is make steps to report the matter to someone in charge. There is always a way if you look for it or create it yourself. Allah helps those who help themselves first. Don't become consumed with negative thoughts or else you may become like your bully.

  3. Assalaamualaykum Wolfer,

    I agree with RM. It takes a mature person to pray for someone to be guided rather than punished, but I believe you have it in you to do that.

    Definintely talk to your school counselor if the bullying persists. If the school counselor is not available, talk to the principal of the school.

    May Allah relieve your burden, ameen.



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