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I constantly fight with my dad.

Family shattered by husband's addiction

Our family is fractured...

My dad is Muslim and practices the Muslim culture every day, but I chose not to be Muslim. My dad doesn't know and I'm sure if I told him he would have a fit. My dad honestly acts like a child.

He is stubborn and will change his mind or try to change the truth to have things his way. He is emotionally abusive and constantly puts me down, always looking at the negative side of things. If there is no negative side he will make one up.

He is also physically abusive. He slaps me, hits me, and has held my throat before. If I do something that upsets him, even if it isn't wrong, he will take something that belongs to me and is very important to me and destroys it. He denies all of this.

My older sister constantly goes through my stuff. She goes through my electronics, my room, and my backpack without asking. She let my two year old nephew go through my room and trash it. She never offered an apology and never offered to help clean it up. While the rest of the family went on vacation she took my two pet rabbits and gave them away to a petting zoo without my permission.  My dad let her do all of this without batting an eye.

I have become very tired with my family and have recently resorted to hurting them physically. If they invade my personal space or try to slap me, I will slap them and literally tackle them. I swear at them and threaten them until they stay away from me. I cannot handle them anymore. I have no tolerance for anyone, family members or others. I also have no respect for any family members. There are only 2 or 3 people I actually like and respect and my dad is trying to stop me from seeing them.

What can I do to make this all go away? How can I make my dad understand that I need my personal space, and his support?


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  1. You have a good reason to be left alone and figure out your own mind. Every human being is faced with turning point in his or her life. Your turning point is whether your true acceptance of Islam despite being born a Muslim. This is a challenge many young Muslims face today. It is to show whether you keep your faith or throw it all away.
    I do not mean to enforce that "Islam is true religion". But you must always ask for the truth that it may be shown to you and it eventually will.

    Try to ponder what is the real meaning of life ?

    Be Respectful to your parents. It is always worth it no matter who you are.

  2. Aselamu aleykum
    The most important thing in life is when analyzing someone in respect his behavior separate him from his religion! Islam is always a solution for this world and for the hereafter!
    Please forgive your father! Once upon a time I was in the same state like you and I chose to be more closer to Allah! When some people like your father do this bad things what we have to do is as follows
    1) be patient and pray regularly
    2) do not reply for what they do
    3) don't ever blame your self
    4) be hopefull tomorrow will be better
    5) don't think about vengeance
    6) be always good to them
    Let Allah be with you! Never ever leave islam

  3. Dear Brother/Sister i have the same problems. What i do is i pray to ALLAH and i tolerate them as much as i can.

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