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I received a proposal but I’m an introvert – what should I do? (2)

Should I marry her? I’m scared that after a while she’ll get bored of me and divorce me.

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Do I have an attitude problem? (1)

I tend to dispute it every time I see something which breaks the law of Islam… Due to this people criticise me about being too Islamic.

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Has my past ruined my future? (1)

I love him a lot and was wrong in cheating him… He says he can’t respect me anymore nor can he betray his family by giving them a girl who is not chaste.

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How can I find a Muslim husband? (0)

I’m Christian but I want to marry a Muslim man. I think MOST Muslim men are more devoted and fearful of God and MOST want a marriage that last for ever.

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Can I marry without my parents’ permission? (1)

My parents are only thinking about the embarrassment. I researched and it said if I marry my boyfriend without parents it will only be valid if my parents don’t have a reason to why they don’t let me marry.

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Is it ever going to be alright? (2)

I got engaged to my boyfriend 10 months ago, but we are recently facing a lot of problems in fact the same problems we had prior to our engagement.


I have no witnesses for nikkah (1)

My father abandoned me, my mother hates all Muslims and has disowned me. I found a man that I want to marry, but I have no family to be a witness for the marriage.


I stole something when I was young… (1)

I never knew how bad it was to steal from someone!!! now like four years later I regret it and feel terribly guilty, what should I do?

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Eid Mubarak! (67)

Eid Mubarak to all our readers!

Ya Allah, relieve the sadness of those who are suffering, and guide those who are wandering and lost.
Ya Allah, bring ease to our difficulties, and show us the way out of our problems.
Ya Allah, unite the Muslims to serve You and please You.

Mahr or Dowry»

Marriage Certificate – is this Fair? (12)

Should I sign this marriage contract? It seems to infringe a right that is mine, and also maybe it shows a lack of trust…

Sexual Issues»

Masturbation or any other solution when travelling? (1)

Please suggest does it allow to have masturbation? I am not in position to have another wife because I know family can’t support this.


I want to marry a woman who is already married (10)

Her husband has given 1 talaq in front of her father and when she asks for two more they said after 1 menstrual period, but now it’s been 2 years she is asking but no one is listening…

Physical violence»

How can my sister and I escape our father? (5)

With every day he gets more violent… He has threatened to sell her, to take out her eyes and ears, to disable her so that she will suffer for her entire life.


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