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My dad fell in love because of black magic (1)

We found out he has been giving away all this money to that- pardon my language- (expletive). Recently he married this woman,and mother was crying every night. I prayed, I prayed and I prayed, so she wouldn’t have to cry anymore. I don’t know what to do, but I know the best medicine is prayers.

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It seems impossible to find a good muslim spouse (3)

It just seems to me that it’s impossible to find a good muslim wife because dating is haram, I’m not going through my parents again and their are no real opportunities to meet a good muslim woman that I know of.

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He has asked for my hand and says he knows in his heart “ALLAH” has answered his prayers and blessed him with me (2)

On the third day we met on Skype, after about twenty minutes of talking with me he told me he loved me, because I am the woman “ALLAH” has chosen to bless him with, he said he knew it immediately when he saw my picture on my profile.

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Can I still play video games? (2)

I like to play games. Recently I played a game in which it had some very bad scenes… I watched it accidentally.

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Black magic or not? How can I stop it? (2)

I have a strong belief that one of these people, maybe my father’s new wife, the ex-fiancee of my husband, or even my own mother have made magic on me. Mostly I believe it’s my father’s wife. She was not satisfied to take my father, she also wanted to make us disappear from his life. And what better way to make a mother and daughter fight every day like dogs?

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Promise made to father on Quran (2)

The girl was afraid of her father and touched the Quran and made promises unwillingly.

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Marriage Between Christian and Muslim? (2)

According to the Islam, does my family has right to forbid while religion allows us? Is there any sin for me and my family if I break her heart only because she is not arab?


Sisters not willing to give my Christian girlfriend a chance (8)

Her parents have seen for the last year that my sisters are unwilling to give her a chance. She feels unwanted from my family. My father has “approved” of her. She has been so hurt for the last year that she is practically over it.


Getting over a divorce (6)

Throughout the marriage he never told me what he was struggling with and it all came at once. It’s like divorce is nothing to him and he told me he has no feeling for me and everything we had was pretend.


Helpless father need advice for daughter (14)

Her husband took her to psychiatrist and found that she might have kleptomania. As a father what are my responsibility toward my daughter? Is she mentally ill? Will she be cure ever?

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Eid Mubarak! (67)

Eid Mubarak to all our readers!

Ya Allah, relieve the sadness of those who are suffering, and guide those who are wandering and lost.
Ya Allah, bring ease to our difficulties, and show us the way out of our problems.
Ya Allah, unite the Muslims to serve You and please You.


Parents are not accepting my new marriage (4)

Last month we got our nikkah done in his house with his family by a Hafiz, and Alhamdulillah we are now husband and wife. I have never been so happy or felt so complete in my life, BUT there’s one pain in my heart and that is my parents not giving their consent and not trying to do what lies in my happiness.

Jealousy and Suspicion»

How do I get out of this and back to happy married life? (9)

After 6 months of marriage I got to know about his two ongoing affairs… he said he did this all because he wanted to hurt me, give me the similar kind of pain which I gave him.

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how do muslims marry a non-muslim? (5)

I just told her that we muslims are allowed to marry christians, so she must have to perform the marriage the way of our islam- the way of a muslim- so that she can be my wife and I can be her husband. It’s just for me to make sure that she is my wife, and I would follow her way of marriage so that she can be sure that I am her husband, and she agreed with it.

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We want to marry, but I was forced to marry someone else (6)

My father arranged my marriage and forced fully. Now my boyfriend wants to marry me, I want to marry him, but here I can’t file for divorce because of safety of life, is it possible if I go abroad?

Muslim Names»

Rahil as a name (5)

God has blessed me with a baby boy, and I am wanting to keep the name Rahil. But I am a little unclear and confused as to whether it would constitute a good name, or indirectly a bad meaning name. Please help!!!

Secret Marriages»

Secret nikkah between sunni/shia (8)

I told him on the very first day that I was shia and I was not a girl of friendship or dating etc; and if he was interested to propose to me straight away but that my parents will never accept him. So he was serious about marrying me and committed, and so was I. He sent a proposal ten times, but my father rejected him just because he is sunni. When I knew that my father would never accept him, we both did nikah secretly.

Teenagers Issues»

thoughts of death (9)

I’m 17 and nothing in my life is going right. I’m not planning to commit suicide, but there is nothing I want more than death. Do you think that if I pray hard enough to die on the night of qadr or any other night , I will die? I have wanted this for so long […]

Physical violence»

My mother’s abuse is breaking me down (4)

These recent events, along with many years of verbal, mental, and harsh physical abuse are causing a breakdown within myself. I broke last during one of my mother’s rants, and unintentionally swore at her after she hit me. I did not mean to, and repented that night in hopes of Allah’s forgiveness.


Am I Allowed to Masturbate as My Wife does not get Intimate with Me? (18)

Is this thing permitted in Islam that a wife allows her husband to fulfill his desire by any means. I am afraid of God what will happen if i masturbate, or went to a girl for paid sex. My question is, In this situation is masturbation allowed or not.


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