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I am engaged but I love someone else (7)

She is a Hindu and she is also ready to convert but my parents are not allowing me to break off the engagement and marry her, because their respect will go in the family.

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Moody and angry husband during Ramadan (4)

I would like to know how to deal with extremely angry and short temper husband during Ramadan.

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My husband won’t lower his gaze (1)

When I tell him to stop with his other women, he because abusive. He curses me and calls me names and sometimes hits me. I have 2 children and one is disabled and very sick , so I can not leave him at this time. I have no family.

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My husband never spends time with us (2)

I feel like am wasting my life with him. I just want to be happy and I want to be able to share my life with someone who cares for me and appreciates me in his life.

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Being emotionally forced into marrying my cousin by my parents and siblings (5)

I didn’t want to marry him. But my mother again started crying, so I only told them to give me time. But they have prepared my marriage. I don’t wanna marry him.

Converting to Islam»

Husband converted to Islam and is taking a second wife (5)

I cannot accept the girl he marries in Muslim rite because as Christian we dont accept 2 wives. But if I don’t he won’t give us support.

Culture Clash»

My Wife Loves Another Man (82)

She will not give up her lover unless I give up my second wife, she does not accept any arguments based on Islam she simply says “That is your religion, not mine”.


Any wazifa or dua for my situation? (3)

I love a guy who was my friend’s ex. My liking and now love has increased day by day.


Unhappy and considering divorce (15)

I am afraid if I do leave him now, he will tarnish my name and my families reputation.


I masturbated and saw porn in Ramadan! (2)

I can’t donate that much money nor can I fast an extra day as I can’t tell this to my family.

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Eid Mubarak! (67)

Eid Mubarak to all our readers!

Ya Allah, relieve the sadness of those who are suffering, and guide those who are wandering and lost.
Ya Allah, bring ease to our difficulties, and show us the way out of our problems.
Ya Allah, unite the Muslims to serve You and please You.


Help me understand my dream (1)

I asked with those people “which station is this?”, they replied “this place of jinns”…

Jealousy and Suspicion»

Seventeen, pregnant and suicidal… Considering abortion (8)

I know if I abort I’m going to regret it but I’m very suicidal and carrying someone’s baby I hate is pushing me over the edge.

Mahr or Dowry»

How are marriages beneficial for men? (20)

I know that Allah is a loving God and He is very just. However, I don’t understand why He legislated marriage, an institution where men have to lose and women are supposed to win? Doesn’t Islam view men and women to be equal?

Secret Marriages»

Deceased Father – Unknown Marriage (2)

A day after my father died, a lady come to our home and claimed that she was also the wife… I haven’t met or even saw the lady before.

Sexual Issues»

I have had phone sex with a girl (9)

I think she has lost her virginity. I am still in fear. Help me what have I done… is it a zina?

Sihr (Magic)»

Is this jadoo (magic)? If so, how do I nullify it? (11)

I got engaged 3 time and every time the family liked me. But only 1 week after engagement boy refused to continue… the same story repeated three times.


In love with shai (6)

I am a 18 years old sunni girl, i’ve been in love with a shai guy for too long and he share the same feelings.

Teenagers Issues»

Feeling always depressed and helpless (5)

When I was 9 year old my father died. After that I am become helpless and depressed. I hate my life. I think Allah hate me and not love me.

Urfi Marriage»

Husband provides no financial support, but still wants intercourse (42)

if wife stay seperate and husband doesn’t give any shelter, money, spending money, but wants to visit sometimes and have intercourse with his wife, is it permissible for him to keep such a relation?

Physical violence»

How do I remain at peace with my abusive brother? (8)

I am a 15 years old girl. I need some advice to stay at peace and how to handle my brother’s abuse and my mom’s perspective on this.


Husband committed adultery and filed for a wrongful divorce (4)

My husband said that he has had relationships with many women and wanted a divorce. He could not bear with my character anymore.


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