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Demand of huq meher during separation (6)

They are not sending us the divorce notice so that they could save the huq meher amount.

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Is exchanging wedding rings haram? (3)

Please enlighten me with some evidence from the sunnah that it is a prophetic practice.

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I hate myself (9)

I know we should always thank Allah’s blessing, but I really am not able to cope up with my problems. I feel I am a burden on this world.

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Frustrated about loving him from afar (2)

Is it haram to tell him how I feel about him?

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Converting to Islam»

Can I marry a non-practising convert? (5)

If he is ready to give me right of being Muslim, and ready to perform Shahadatan, is there any sin in marrying him?

Culture Clash»

My father rejected him for culture (3)

In our world, culture and what ladies say about us or our family is so important. Alhamdulilah, the guy I want was rejected by my father for an unimportant reason- culture. I believe Allah created all of us and no culture is better than another.


Would this inter-faith relationship be allowed? (1)

I know that interfaith relationships are allowed between Muslims and Christians, or Muslims and Jews, provided they meet certain requirements, such as being devout. Is an interfaith relationship even allowed if one person is strong in their faith, but it’s a non-abrahamic faith?


Help for a lost mom with 10 kids (3)

My question is are we divorced and how would I know if he has divorced me? Thank you very much.


I stole my mother’s jewelry and gave it as charity (11)

Is there a dua for forgiveness for stealing?? I’m still feeling shaky and it’s becoming a bit difficult for me to be normal around my parents after what I’ve done behind their backs.

Islamic Answers 2010»

Eid Mubarak! (67)

Eid Mubarak to all our readers!

Ya Allah, relieve the sadness of those who are suffering, and guide those who are wandering and lost.
Ya Allah, bring ease to our difficulties, and show us the way out of our problems.
Ya Allah, unite the Muslims to serve You and please You.

Mahr or Dowry»

I want ask a question about my secret nikkah (3)

Is my nikkah valid and genuine? As my mother wants me to get married with someone else. My boyfriend did nikkah just to get rid of the sins and won’t do it legally.

Marriage to non-Muslims»

Can I marry my Muslim boyfriend after converting? (3)

I’m converting, I’m not annulled with my catholic husband but can I remarry? If I get pregnant before marrying can the baby have their father’s name?

Muslim Names»

girl’s change of surname (1)

Is it permissible in Islam to change a minor girl’s surname to something more neutral, like a feminine name instead of her biological father’s if she does not feel comfortable using it? She has no relationship or physical/emotional connection with her father since her birth. She has solely been raised and financially taken care of […]

Secret Marriages»

We’re tired of being his secret family! (4)

I kept asking what’s his plan for his kids? Is he going to let his family know? When? He said to give him time. What??? It’s been 15 yrs, I’m here alone with the kids doing everything for them…

Sexual Issues»

I committed zina and now I worry about marriage (19)

Now my parents are looking for a man for me to get married with. What should I do? Should I tell my future husband that am not a virgin? If not, then won’t he find out on the nuptial night?


We are having a conflict with my sister… (8)

What should I do-cut her out of our lives if she continues with this man? Or just support her regardless of her decision?

Teenagers Issues»

Should I tell her parents that we had oral sex? (22)

She has left me without any reason. I don’t want her to do dishonesty with someone else. And now I want to marry her if she will accept me I will marry her as soon as possible.

Urfi Marriage»

Husband provides no financial support, but still wants intercourse (31)

if wife stay seperate and husband doesn’t give any shelter, money, spending money, but wants to visit sometimes and have intercourse with his wife, is it permissible for him to keep such a relation?


Can I marry my married lover? (14)

Her husband is not aware of our relation. She is also willing to leave her 5 year old baby and family for me… Can I marry her and will it be fair?


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