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14 years old and forced into homosexual acts… (10)

That boy always forces me to do these bad things… I have been trying to commit suicide.

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Can this count as divorce? (3)

Can this be understood as divorce and that we are no more husband and wife as we are not staying together since last 6 months?

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He loves me but does not want to have any sexual relationship with me (4)

He says he loves me and he cares about me… But he never wants to have sex with me… I tried everything…

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I’m very upset about my husband’s behaviour (3)

Is it wise to stay with my husband and pray for him to get better and caring, loving husband for me or is it wise to take divorce and move on?

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What should my next step be? (1)

My grandmother, aunt and many other members of my family see me as a very bad person and feel I’m trying to hurt my family and most are not even speaking to me anymore. I’m not sure what other decisions or steps that I can take.

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Getting married after childhood abuse (12)

Is it something I should tell him before marriage or wait till we’re married? My fear with telling him after a nikkah is that he would feel that I wasn’t completely upfront with him.

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How soon can a Muslim man re-marry? (3)

He wants to immediately marry again.. He is not divorcing the Christian wife but wants to have another Muslim wife.


Any wazifa or dua for my situation? (2)

I love a guy who was my friend’s ex. My liking and now love has increased day by day.


Mother-in-law is commanding my husband to divorce me (3)

His mother has told him to divorce me as I’m non arabic speaker. She wants to sit with a woman she can talk to.


I have hurt him a lot. Will Allah forgive me? (7)

I love him so much I can’t even explain and since the day I left him I am crying so hard, I broke him apart.

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Eid Mubarak! (67)

Eid Mubarak to all our readers!

Ya Allah, relieve the sadness of those who are suffering, and guide those who are wandering and lost.
Ya Allah, bring ease to our difficulties, and show us the way out of our problems.
Ya Allah, unite the Muslims to serve You and please You.

Jealousy and Suspicion»

Seventeen, pregnant and suicidal… Considering abortion (6)

I know if I abort I’m going to regret it but I’m very suicidal and carrying someone’s baby I hate is pushing me over the edge.

Mahr or Dowry»

Marriage Certificate – is this Fair? (13)

Should I sign this marriage contract? It seems to infringe a right that is mine, and also maybe it shows a lack of trust…

Secret Marriages»

How do I get out of this dark phase of unrequitedness? (3)

But for now I feel completely dead, as my whole world has died or if somebody has taken the best thing I loved from me.

Sexual Issues»

My husband is diabetic (2)

It’s been so many years since we had intercourse. I don’t want to separate because of my kids. What should I do?

Sihr (Magic)»

Black magic is destroying my life and my hopes of marriage (4)

Jealous relatives have been practicing Sihr on myself and my parents… Sihr has been done to prevent my marriage.


I want to marry a woman who is already married (11)

Her husband has given 1 talaq in front of her father and when she asks for two more they said after 1 menstrual period, but now it’s been 2 years she is asking but no one is listening…

Urfi Marriage»

Husband provides no financial support, but still wants intercourse (41)

if wife stay seperate and husband doesn’t give any shelter, money, spending money, but wants to visit sometimes and have intercourse with his wife, is it permissible for him to keep such a relation?

Physical violence»

An abusive wife (5)

I am deeply depressed thinking how I got myself into this situation where I’m afraid of being near my wife…


Marriage After Kissing? (1)

They got married without repentance to Allah. Is this marriage valid or not?


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