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Should I live my life with such a liar? (4)

I found she was talking countless boys on facebook and viber…. and all went to some kinda relationship.

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I’m in a loveless marriage since day one (1)

It got to the point where we go for days without talking to each other, he even got abusive once and I was left bruised. I hate living with him.

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Reputation (0)

This time I got married to the right guy and it was not love marriage but it ended very bad. Now what do I do with my life?

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Is marriage mandatory if you’ve had illegal sex? (1)

Can I just leave her? Because obviously she won’t forgive me.

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Rejected by the woman I love – I want to DIE… (1)

She asked me to kill my feelings for her, I don’t know how to kill my feelings, maybe by killing myself…

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Marriage Complications (0)

I am facing some drastic problem in my married life at this moment regarding both my first and second husbands.

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I hate my life so much (5)

I really hate my family. I blame them for my depression, loneliness and embarrassment. I can’t do anything with my life. I feel like killing myself.

Converting to Islam»

Nikah without parents’ approval (1)

One of the requirements of nikah is parents’ approval. And I know it for a fact that my parents won’t approve ever.

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Want to marry a Muslim man but I’m scared (4)

And if one day he wants me to go to his country how can I protect myself of being treat as a slave and kept there as a prisoner?


Is he playing games with me and only wants to use me? (16)

I want to know if I should trust his words or he is only deceiving me with wanting marriage and a family with me for the simple purpose of sex?


I need divorce guidance (2)

Even my in-laws say to divorce her and start my life as in these 3 months she changed a lot and terms of Islam become bold and no fear of anyone.


Forgiving her past and accepting her for who she is (10)

Are there any strong brothers who are okay with marrying such a person? Is there a way to completely eradicate the thoughts of her past misdeed from my head?

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Abortion – Do or Don’t? (5)

I was thinking about getting an abortion – my ex is against it in every way but I am Muslim and my family is extremely conservative. I don’t know what to do the baby has a heart beat already and I feel guilty but at the same time my family will disown me.


Istekhara problem (3)

Is it possible that both the parties can see different answer in istekhara as it’s for our mutual relationship?

Jealousy and Suspicion»

Confused how to cope with his female friend (3)

How should I handle this as I really hate her… We are having Nikka ceremony next month but I really get upset when I see her texts…

Mahr or Dowry»

Dowry issue (2)

Does the dowry count if it’s something I never knew and never agreed upon?

Marriage to non-Muslims»

Can we do two Nikkahs? (10)

In this case is it okay for me and this girl to do nikka and do another one after I finish school in front of my parents?

Muslim Names»

Muslim Marrying a Christian American Protestant woman – How to put the basis for a healthy relationship? (4)

I do not want dive into a relationship and marriage without having all the parameters and find out years later that our lifestyles are not compatible.

Secret Marriages»

What do I do? I can’t face my parents. (8)

We decided for hidden nikah, to thought that may Allah will be agree after our legal relationship.


I’ve lost my way (5)

I beg for forgiveness to Him, I confess to all my bad deeds and make up my mind not to do them again… but next day, I’m just doing them again – why?

Teenagers Issues»

I’m 13 and obsessed with a boy, should I save myself for him? (12)

Sure I’m thirteen but I do have high goals set for myself. I don’t know what to do, please help.

Urfi Marriage»

Husband provides no financial support, but still wants intercourse (53)

if wife stay seperate and husband doesn’t give any shelter, money, spending money, but wants to visit sometimes and have intercourse with his wife, is it permissible for him to keep such a relation?


Should he marry her or find another? (2)

He found out that the girl has slept with the mutual friend about twice. Has confronted her and she swears that she is still a virgin.


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