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Dream about marriage (1)

Please tell me whats the interpretation of this dream, on a website i have read a interpretation that death is near me..

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Domestic violence (2)

I’m stuck in thinking am I being selfish that I’m leaving him when he needs support and help the most from me…?

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Relation in Turmoil (0)

She asked her friend to do Istekhaara and that came out wrong… so in the light of that, she texted me that marriage cannot happen as a istekhaara came out this way.

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Heartbroken and in Severe Depression… (6)

Can you truly be in love again? Can you forget someone who you thought was your soul mate?

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My husband doesn’t have much money and I’m suffering (6)

My problem is that after the marriage I noticed that the salary of my husband is not enough for my living standard. Of course before marriage I knew he wasn’t rich, but I didn’t expect all these sacrifices. I don’t want a rich life but we are far to have a decent one

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Father in law is a child molester (24)

The conviction also stated that he is not ever allowed contact with any child under 16. I need to protect my kids.

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Should I wear the Hijab? (4)

I obviously cover my hair when I pray but I have such a strong desire to wear a hijab when I leave my house, what should I do?

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Father rejects my choice for marriage (1)

I want to marry with my mother’s elder sister’s daughter. But father rejected because she belong to poor family and belong to maternal family.


What will be best path for me? (7)

I am confused because I will pass out from university from next week and I only have 1 week to tell my class mate that I wants my life with her.


Do I divorce him or not? (2)

I don’t have choice than to work abroad. Being away from him, I feel like I’m free. I wanted to divorce him but at the same time I don’t want to hurt him and my kids.


Need words of advice and hope… (24)

I got sexually abused by my uncle as a child… Of course this led me to committing zina… I even done an abortion…

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Abortion – Do or Don’t? (5)

I was thinking about getting an abortion – my ex is against it in every way but I am Muslim and my family is extremely conservative. I don’t know what to do the baby has a heart beat already and I feel guilty but at the same time my family will disown me.

Jealousy and Suspicion»

Ex situation and jealousy of his new gf (3)

There is a huge difference between my ex and my soon to be husband. I can clearly tell who respects me more. I dont know why i get jealous of his gf still.

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Muslim Marrying a Christian American Protestant woman – How to put the basis for a healthy relationship? (3)

I do not want dive into a relationship and marriage without having all the parameters and find out years later that our lifestyles are not compatible.

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Breaking it to my parents… (1)

I pray every night for them not to ship me away or hurt me or do something horrible. I don’t want to break my family apart, but I wish and pray they accept him and look past his color.

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My husband won’t spend time with me or our children (4)

I cant bear to think that my life will be like this forever. Im getting so lonely.

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Evil eye guidance (6)

I’m affected by the evil eye of my friend. Unintentionally she casted an evil eye on my eyes beauty , from that day I have been facing eye problems.


I’ve lost my way (5)

I beg for forgiveness to Him, I confess to all my bad deeds and make up my mind not to do them again… but next day, I’m just doing them again – why?

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Male friend hugged me on an outing – Scared that my family should not know (9)

I was like I need warm hug. Suddenly he stopped and gave me hug, it wasn’t even a hug just maybe put his arm around my neck and brought it close.

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Husband provides no financial support, but still wants intercourse (50)

if wife stay seperate and husband doesn’t give any shelter, money, spending money, but wants to visit sometimes and have intercourse with his wife, is it permissible for him to keep such a relation?

Physical violence»

Advice on staying in the marriage or divorcing (6)

My husband always threatens when I mention divorce. He said I won’t get the kids and he will not pay any of my loans if I leave. I am very fearful of him as he has hit me whenever he gets very angry.


Is premarital sex forgiveable in Islam? (9)

Please help me get some closure to this. I want to know if Allah will forgive me or if everything I do now is pointless and I have no hope.


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