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A question about wedding ceremonies (0)

July 28, 2016 • Category: Islamic Answers 2016, Marriage, Nikah, Walimah, Weddings

Is it ok to have on one day boy wedding ceremony and on another day of walima his sister’s wedding?

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Wife’s past and trust issue (1)

I still accepted her because I love her and believe everyone can change. But how do I get over that?

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Fabrication of lies before marriage (2)

Was this the punishment of any sins of mine that I got a wife of totally different civil status from what I desired?

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Should I take back my ex-wife? (1)

Should I do again nikah to her and accept her with all the sins she committed?? Or should I move with my daughter…??

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Wife Divorced me because of my Anger!! (0)

I realize how rude, harsh and stupid I talked to her. I want to call her and apologize but can not as her family have history of violence, so I do not want them to bother my mom and sis back home.

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I am getting a big problem with dad (3)

I am asking him to do my marriage with a girl whom I love but he is not accepting that.

Converting to Islam»

Finding Islam… can we still be together? (4)

I have not reverted yet but everyday I ask Allah for forgiveness for my sins, but is it still permissible for us to marry even after being in a relationship?

Culture Clash»

Need urgent help – his parents won’t let us marry! (14)

His parents directly reject me. They said they can’t accept any girl from different state.


Need urgent help for my engaged life! (16)

I am with him and I tell him I love him but I myself do not know that I mean it or not… I am not sure about him sometimes I feel I love him and the other I completely hate him.


Does my future husband have to know I was intimate with my first husband? (15)

After 1 year of our nikah we had intimacy secretly… I am divorced now – can I hide this from my future husband?


How can I come out of all this? (1)

I had broken somebody’s heart in past and now because of that I am facing too much difficulties in life.

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Abortion – Do or Don’t? (5)

I was thinking about getting an abortion – my ex is against it in every way but I am Muslim and my family is extremely conservative. I don’t know what to do the baby has a heart beat already and I feel guilty but at the same time my family will disown me.


In need of istikhara advice (5)

I need istikhara from you brothers and sisters who have experience in such cases…

Mahr or Dowry»

Dowry issue (2)

Does the dowry count if it’s something I never knew and never agreed upon?

Marriage to non-Muslims»

What to decide in this situation? (4)

I am in love with a non-Muslim but he is not agreed to marry me but says he loves me.

Muslim Names»

Muslim Marrying a Christian American Protestant woman – How to put the basis for a healthy relationship? (4)

I do not want dive into a relationship and marriage without having all the parameters and find out years later that our lifestyles are not compatible.

Sihr (Magic)»

Can evil eye make a person lose his job? (13)

Is it possible for a person to loose his job due to evil eye from some one. And also not to find a new one job due to evil eye? amirriaz


I’ve lost my way (5)

I beg for forgiveness to Him, I confess to all my bad deeds and make up my mind not to do them again… but next day, I’m just doing them again – why?

Teenagers Issues»

What should I do about my life? (3)

Nude photos were leaked… I cry everyday, people point at me… I feel like dying.

Urfi Marriage»

Husband provides no financial support, but still wants intercourse (60)

if wife stay seperate and husband doesn’t give any shelter, money, spending money, but wants to visit sometimes and have intercourse with his wife, is it permissible for him to keep such a relation?

Physical violence»

Help me – trapped in a violent and abusive marriage (7)

He started hitting me after marriage and he’s never sorry – always blame me. I am so depressed and sick of my awful life…


Will my aborted baby lead me to Hell? (22)

I was 15 when I had sex for a girl. She got pregnant and aborted it secretly. Is there a chance of forgiveness?


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