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Sad, frustated, astonished and sometimes hopeless. Where is my life? (5)

Something inside me is torturing me saying,’You are not so good looking as Non muslims, who have fair white skin, and they all have pretty girls and they are also admired by girls for their muscles, and attractiveness. Allah maybe doesn’t love you. In fact, He doesn’t help you in your everyday struggle to be without someone to love. Watch how they enjoy sex, live fullfilled lives, get good positions at job, and look how they are enthusiastic about life.They get everything because they are good, and maybe you’re not so good’.

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My parents care about society, but I care for him (4)

He is ready to marry me without dowry or any other cultural rituals; I mean only nikah. But my parents want me to get married to a professional by giving dowry, money and other things etc. They say that if I get married to that boy, they will have their heads down in society as he studied only up to tenth. But he is strictly religious, namazi and away from girls.

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I want my family to agree on this marriage (3)

I love one guy who has a status gap with my family, so my family does not agree. But the boy is really good, and I would like to marry him as we have known each other very long time. How Could I manage my family for this marriage? What does Islam Say about this situation? I […]

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Lack of self control is affecting my entire life (8)

By the grace of Allah I’m Muslim, and I pray 5 times, but I don’t know what happened to me. For the last 3 years, I haven’t been able control myself in doing bad deeds. My memory is totally lost and I can’t remember things, names, formulas etc etc.

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How to win over the solitude? (18)

Time goes on and I remain alone. Every day my life gets harder and harder. I talk to myself. I talk to Allah; but not with my family, not with my friends, and not with my muslims brothers. There was a believer who helped me, but only when he has time so he stopped helping me. I tried to know more people. I go to mosque to pray even if it’s far away from my city. And yet, even there nobody wants to help me.

Culture Clash»

Cannot decide on two proposals (15)

Adnan came back to me and asked me for marriage. I agreed, and his mother met my family. His mother has already started shopping for the wedding. Yesterday Kashif’s mother called me and apologized to me for her behaviour and asked me to marry Kashif. Now I am very confused, and don’t know what should I do.


Reasons for divorce which aren’t sinful. (16)

Salam Aleykoum, I was asking myself about a question that I had this morning about divorces. When the male or female want to divorce to her husband/wife, do they need “right” reasons to divorce? Peer example: The husband( or wife)  is engaged with his/her partners for five years but he/she doesn’t feel happy with her/him anymore […]

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Eid Mubarak! (66)

Eid Mubarak to all our readers!

Ya Allah, relieve the sadness of those who are suffering, and guide those who are wandering and lost.
Ya Allah, bring ease to our difficulties, and show us the way out of our problems.
Ya Allah, unite the Muslims to serve You and please You.


Guilty by association? (5)

So you might be wondering why I’m hesitant if he has all these good qualities. Well, when I stayed with them when I was younger, his father used to molest me. If I have hate, resentment, anger, and lack of forgiveness for anyone in the world it’s for that human being. To me, he’s the definition of evil.

Jealousy and Suspicion»

my husband is probably looking for another girl (4)

Today I found out he is still an active member of one famous muslim dating site (where I met him) and that he is looking for a girl. And in his profile there is written : he is “single”. We never had big problems between us, we are newly married, and I really loved him. But now I really don’t know…

Mahr or Dowry»

how do muslims marry a non-muslim? (4)

I just told her that we muslims are allowed to marry christians, so she must have to perform the marriage the way of our islam- the way of a muslim- so that she can be my wife and I can be her husband. It’s just for me to make sure that she is my wife, and I would follow her way of marriage so that she can be sure that I am her husband, and she agreed with it.

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She wants to leave because of the dog (10)

She has recently informed me that she and I can not continue our relationship in any serious manner because I have a small dog that I keep as a pet, stating that it is not allowed in her religion. I was unaware of this, but as this is the case, I am wondering what can be done for us.

Muslim Names»

I’m Hindu and I want to convert but not change my name (6)

Is it possible to convert to Islam without changing my name? My name is not a religious name its Shikha. It means top as well it is not against Islam. please help me.

Secret Marriages»

Can we marry in another country? (6)

My boyfriend had an arranged marriage 3 years ago. Now we want to get married, but he can’t tell his family about it. His wife came from a rich family, and they are making problems for him. Is there a possibility for us to get married in another country? Please help. -angel pak

Sexual Issues»

My sister doesn’t accept her husband (8)

She says that she has not accepted the man with whom she got married as her husband, and thus she can’t fulfill her marital obligations. Her husband is not ready to divorce her, as he is a God fearing man and considers this as a sin. My sister is also good and understands the duties of a wife, but she says she doesn’t accept him as a husband.

Sihr (Magic)»

Aunt is putting black magic on us, I can’t live like this (3)

My mother used to go to Al-Huda (An Islamic Teaching Center) where her teachers and some colleagues found out that our maternal uncle’s wife was going to a person (Ghazi Baba) who used the help of Jinns to harm and to help at times.

Teenagers Issues»

Confession about pornography and masturbation (26)

So a few weeks later, I was up late night at on the laptop, everyone was asleep, and Shaitan got the best of me. I knew that I shouldn’t, but I just couldn’t keep myself away so I opened up a website and found myself thoroughly disturbed. As a matter of fact, I felt so upset that I called my husband and confessed to him and he said it’s okay…

Physical violence»

Love and forgive, or divorce? (25)

Yesterday he brought our crying son to our bedroom where our daughter and I were sleeping. I told him to give him to me, and he said sure. Then my son was crying for his fire car which my husband was holding, and I told him put it next to our son let him have it but my husband opened the window and threw it out. We live on the third floor.


Relationship with a non-Muslim man for 5 years but he questions Islam. (45)

I have always done everything “right” in life… He doesn’t think the same as my other Muslim male friends. When I think of him and Islam, I flinch. I know I can’t change some of his views, but I know he will be a Muslim someday.


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