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Istekhara problem


I like a boy he is from my family. our families are ready for our marraige but before that my mother did istekhara for me and she saw a very beautiful dream. When i told him this he also did istekhara before sending his parents for our rishta. He found to have a very bad dream. He repeat it & again saw a bad dream.. then i did istekhara too but couldnt see any dream

My questions are

  1. Is it possible that both the parties can see different answer in istekhara as it's for our mutual relationship?

2. Is there any way that i can still marry him? I trust in Allah . He can change anything. He has all the powers. May be today what is not good for me n him can be blessed with Allah with His mercy .

Please reply as soon as possible.


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  1. Assalamu alaykum sister,
    No one can do istikhara for you!! You have to do it yourself. Akso istikhara is not about dreams!! please inform yourself first how to do istikhara correctly:

  2. I think sister got the answer there. Isthikhara is performed when you are in a dilemma of choosing what is right. Everything is finalised and then you are doing Isthikhara wont make any sense sister. Also Salah of Isthikhara has no relevance to dreams.

    So stop all such unnecessary things and get married immediately to avoid a haram relationship. Establish 5 times of prayers and May Allah bless you.

  3. You are the one getting married nobody else.the question I ask first in order for this prayer to work accurately we must look into our lives ..Ate we praying 5 times a day Are we reading daily quran are we careful with halal and haram....If we are just micky mousing it.Then your friend SHAITAN will play you and mess your whole life up.. So understand your Deen properly and master it otherwise you will join the billion muslims who live like the duniya people do ....Fun n games

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